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Poland’s Borne Sulinowo: The secret town where Soviets hid nukes

(CNN) — Some call it the ghost town, because for decades it didn’t appear on any maps — a clandestine location that at the height of the Cold War likely concealed a deadly arsenal of nuclear weapons capable of wiping out major Western cities. Others refer to it as the Polish Chernobyl, because the cloak […]

New York’s Finger Lakes: The region that helped inspire American democracy

(CNN) — You’ll find it almost everywhere you turn — on T-shirts, bumper stickers, magnets and all types of tourist trinkets — the three words: “Ithaca is gorges.” After all, who doesn’t love a good pun? Ithaca, New York, is gorgeous, peppered with steep gorges (get it?), plunging waterfalls, and a tapestry of tree-covered mountains […]

Syroco vs SP80: The race to create the world’s fastest sail boat

(CNN) — For more than eight years, the world sailing speed record has remained unbroken. In November 2012, Australian Paul Larsen reached 65.45 knots (or 121 kilometers per hour/75 mph) in his Vesta Sailrocket 2 in South Atlantic waters off the coast of Namibia. However, two rival teams, one in France and one in Switzerland, […]

Qatar Airways to retire half of its A380 planes

(CNN) — It was once the all-conquering superjumbo, but today it’s more likely to be viewed as a white elephant. As the latest nail in the coffin for the world’s largest passenger airliner, Qatar Airways has confirmed it will be retiring half of its fleet of 10 Airbus A380s, which have already been grounded since […]

New Zealand closes road for a month to let sea lions nest safely

(CNN) — A New Zealand council has announced a month-long road closure in order to allow a sea lion and her pup to reach the ocean safely. John Wilson Ocean Drive in Dunedin will be closed after the New Zealand sea lions made their home at a nearby golf course and started “regularly crossing the […]

Venice combats overtourism by tracking visitors

(CNN) — They’re watching you, wherever you walk. They know exactly where you pause, when you slow down and speed up, and they count you in and out of the city. What’s more, they’re tracking your phone, so they can tell exactly how many people from your country or region are in which area, at […]

Tourists breaking Covid-19 travel restrictions are facing punishment

(CNN) — As pandemic quarantines go, this might be the best: sprawling on a hotel balcony overlooking azure Caribbean waters as you bake gently in the sun. But it isn’t enough for some. The past month has seen a slew of high-profile cases of tourists getting in trouble for breaking the rules while on a […]

Champs-Élysées in Paris set for green overhaul

(CNN) — One of the most famous avenues in Paris, the Champs-Élysées, is set for a facelift that will see it transformed into a green, pedestrian-friendly space, after Mayor Anne Hidalgo gave the go-ahead for a major renovation project. The thoroughfare, one of the world’s most famous shopping streets, accommodates eight lanes of traffic as […]

Couple spends lockdown making over Irish stately home

(CNN) — As starter homes go, a three-story Georgian mansion on an 820-acre estate’s not bad. When Neil Watt and his partner Kris Reid moved into the top floor of Northern Ireland’s Castle Ward stately home in March 2020, it was their first home together as a couple. Watt had landed a new live-in job […]

Will international trips return in 2021? What we know right now

(CNN) — There’s hope: Summer vacations abroad may happen in a big way this year. The number of people busting out of their countries will start creeping up this spring and rise higher by mid-year, travel industry experts predict, as vaccines and risk-based safety measures are rolled out more widely and spiking coronavirus cases around […]