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Breaking Travel News interview: Flavia Santoro, president, ProColombia | Focus

Colombia has announced a new brand manifesto for the destination: ‘Colombia, the most welcoming place on Earth.’ With the restart of international travel on the horizon, the country aims to stimulate international tourism growth and ignite travellers’ wanderlust by spotlighting the warmth and kindness of its populace. The new manifesto, which is led by ProColombia, […]

MyGolfHeaven: Our three favorite golf courses in Thailand | Focus

Francesco Diomaiuta, owner of MyGolfHeaven, tells golf fans from around the world the best places to play in this east Asian tourism powerhouse… Thailand is a Golf Country! Maybe because Tiger Woods has family roots in Thailand, the weather allows you to play pretty much the whole year or because it is the world tourism […]

Hotelmize & Qtech Software | a Partnership Promising to Revolutionize the Hospitality Industry | Focus

Due to the adverse effects of the global pandemic on the tourism industry, accommodation providers have spent the downtime looking to improve their service for the expected post-corona tourism boom. One of the ways that hospitality specialists have sought to accommodate this upcoming trend in tourism is by implementing modern technology solutions. It becomes apparent […]

Top 5 benefits of booking flights online | Focus

The development in technological advancements is a boon for every commoner. You can now do everything online by just touching a few buttons. From booking tickets to shopping, you will do everything swiftly. As far as airline reservation is concerned, the benefits are a lot. You will not find it necessary to rush to your […]

Breaking Travel News interview: Anthony Mahler, minister of tourism, Belize | Focus

As the tourism sector gradually emerges from the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic, one bright spot is provided by Belize. The Central American destination has seen a rapid recovery in arrivals, and is on track to return to pre-pandemic levels of business early next year. The turnaround has been driven by a recovery in the […]

Four tech solutions to create a better hotel guest experience | Focus

Sometimes it’s the details that make the big differences, and not always or only visually, but in terms of comfort and convenience. This would be the case of hotels, for example, since one of the most important decisions before making a trip, whether on holiday or for work. The hotel chosen will be the place […]

Welcome to Boston – The best tips for a successful move | Focus

The City of Boston is glad to invite the district’s school and college understudies to Boston. We trust you make the most of your time here and at last choose to remain, work, and play in our city. Every years hundreds and thousands of student move to Boston to find their educational awakening. While many […]

Guaranteed tips for booking cheap flights | Focus

The moment the pandemic hit almost every country, the traveling restrictions have been applied, and it is no longer easy to go from one country to another. Of course, this led to huge financial losses, which every company, department, even local shops had to find a solution to adapt to the current situation. This will […]

Breaking Travel News investigates: Why now is the time for the industry to invest in upskilling | Focus

Fi Morrison-Arnthal, founder of the recently launched Progressive Travel Training, here tells Breaking Travel News why now is the time for the travel industry to invest in upskilling as Covid-19 fades into the past One of the dominant conversations in our sector at the moment concerns what’s needed from the UK government to get travel […]