What to Prepare When on Solo Travel With Kids

A Guest Post by Delan Cooper

Everyone loves traveling with their kids. Traveling upcountry, vising friends, hiking, a road trip, or a family vacation can be a helpful and ultimate eye-opening experience, especially for kids: there is a change in food/diet, sights, and skills but of all, excellent family time is of the essence. However, traveling with kids can be an overwhelming proposition. Ever-changing schedules, extensive packing lists, and cranky kids are among the challenges you may encounter. With all these hustles in mind, there are just a few considerations to look into when preparing traveling solo with kids.

Planning Before Traveling

Have a Checklist

The fact that your kids might be excited or nervous make sure that they are comfortable. Have a packing checklist for each child, make it essential but inclusive of all necessary items. Packing the vital items. The lists depend on;

  • The age, i.e., the range of the children’s age
  • The area traveling or/and place you will spend your time, i.e., the weather patterns
  • The activities you are going to undertake, i.e., mountain climbing or swimming at the beach
  • The time you will spend at the destination, and kids’ preferences, i.e., what they want to what the parent wants
  • Health status of the kids
  • Well-stocked first aid kit

Have Necessary Travel Documentation and Transportation Mechanism

You need to have all the proper documents on time. The documents include a visa, passport, and letter by the authority stating you are legally allowed to take the child out of the country. To be sure of the child’s legal status, for solo parents, please bring with you the birth certificate or any other identification proving you are the parent. Have travel insurance in place. The coverage may depend on where you are going to by distance, activity, mode of transportation, or even the amount of luggage. Take insurance that entirely covers you. In the case that either you or the child may have some existing medical situations, be sure to have the required medication with you. Be sure the child is able to use the medication by themselves when a situation arises, i.e., they get lost, or you are away for a while. Have transportation ready in place before traveling. Locally, you may prefer self-drive as it is cheap and convenient, depending on the areas you will visit. Here the car is modified to your standards with the car seat fitting your baby’s needs with a well-fitted baby seat. On the other hand, traveling on a plane may require pre-booking transport from the airport to your accommodation and the entire trip.

Have a Schedule and Place to Spend Your Vacation

Where will you stay during the family vacation? Accommodation. Have a place where you and your child will feel comfortable to be during the entire trip. Preferably, a calm, relaxed family-friendly environment and lodging close to places and things you anticipate to do over the journey. Ensure that all the utilities are working and available for use and fit your requirements. Prepare the trip schedule /timetable. The timetable will help you avoid the hustle of figuring what to and not do. Have in place that you have spent every second sparingly. Make the child’s choice your first preference, involve him/her on decisions of activities to engage or places to visit during the trip, depending on the child’s age and interests.

When Traveling

If you prefer using a plane, labeling all your luggage is quite useful, especially traveling via a flight, it is easy to identify. As much as the luggage is essential, account for your child’s safety. Have the child use the bathroom before boarding; it is more comfortable and spacious. Have a baby seat in case you have a young child not able to sit independently by themselves. If, preferably, you go for a road trip, ensure the car seat in the vehicle is safe and comfy for your kids. While having your kids occupied for the journey, make regular stopovers to snack, stretch muscles, or take photos. Make conversation engagement with the children.

Arrival to the Destination

Your vacation planning now comes in handy. When traveling by plane, bus or train, be sure to contact the transportation service you put in place. Have the transporter ready to receive you to avoid delays and idling with the full address to the accommodation facility.

During the vacation

When you have a solo trip with your kids on a vacation, make sure you spend most of the time with them. However, staying 24/7 with the kids might not be the case. When away have in place a reliable person or safe situation where you may leave your kids; this maybe kids’ playground, kids club, baby-seating program, or a drop-in program. If you plan for exploration, have some rest stops on the way for kids to rejuvenate energy by stretching or taking meals.

In summary, when preparing to travel for a family vacation, comfort, and assurance that your kids will enjoy the whole process is of the essence. It is essential to take time preparing to travel and enjoy the trip than making hasty travel arrangements only to regret. Make good use of preparation and adjustment plans for you and the kids. Make proper preparations for quality personal time with your kids.

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