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What To Consider Before Renting A Car For Your Next Vacation

A classic U.S. vacation experience is all about hitting the road and seeing the vast beauty of the country. Everyone should experience the freedom and wonder of a once in a lifetime road trip.

Whether you head up along the rugged coast of the Pacific states or drive across the country on Route 66, there are few adventures as worthwhile as a road trip, especially when you have the perfect vehicle. You can rent a convertible to cruise those oceanside highways, or go for something a bit larger with four-wheel drive to bring the whole family along with you.

Before you rent a car for your next road trip there are a few things to consider. Getting a car insurance quote and reserving your car with your credit card are just a few tips. Let’s take a look at a few of the essential things to consider when renting a road trip vehicle.

Minimum Drivers

If you are traveling with a group, it’s a good idea to keep your list of occasional drivers to a minimum. Even if everyone in your party is licensed to drive, they don’t need to be named on the contract. For each additional driver, you will need to pay a daily fee, which can get expensive if you name everyone. It’s better to choose one or two designated drivers to take the wheel for your trip. 


Insurance coverage through the rental car company can be expensive and should only be used if you have no other options. The easiest and cheapest way to get the best coverage is to talk to your current car insurance company for a quote on a rental policy. You can also look for insurance through your credit card company. They often have coverage that can be used on a car that you rent using their card. 

Pay With Credit

You should always use a credit card to pay for and pick up your rental vehicle. Some rental companies won’t accept a debit card, and those that do could subject you to extra charges or a substantial hold balance on your card.

Age Restrictions

Although you can legally rent a car by the age of 21 in most states, you will pay a premium price for your rental. Even with a completely clean driving record, younger drivers represent a higher risk on the roads. This is reflective in the price of your rental. If you have young adults traveling with you on your road trip, don’t put their names on the driver’s list or you will end up paying higher costs.

Avoid Airports

If you are flying to your road trip starting point, try to avoid picking up your car at the airport. These rental terminals often have premium prices for extra convenience. It’s more affordable to grab a cab and pick up your car at a downtown location. 

If you are renting a car for your next road trip, take some of these tips into consideration to save yourself some time and money. Hit the highway to explore the vast beauty of the U.S. on your next vacation. 

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