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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Hosts seeing Family and Friends Abroad

When a family member or friend has taken the time and effort to invite you over to stay for a while overseas, then it’s only fair that you show a gesture or two of appreciation. But exactly what might this appreciation look like? A gift always goes down well. Let’s look at a few of the more likely candidates. 

Chocolate hamper gift set

Who doesn’t like chocolate? The answer is: not very many people. A box of chocolates is certain to go down well; a chocolate hamper will do even better. There’s no shortage of selection from the major brands, but if you want to make a real impression on the person for whom you’re buying, then going for quality over quantity is usually the best way forward.

Bottle of their favourite perfume

Keeping things fragrant, it’s worth considering a bottle of their preferred brand of perfume. Look at what they already have at their disposal, and buy accordingly in order to avoid giving them a replica of something they already have. Fortunately, perfume manufacturers provide several different variants, so you can provide the appropriate blend of the novel and the familiar.

A bouquet of their favourite flowers

Flowers make for reliable gifts on special occasions. They’ll fill the home with a pleasant fragrance, and provide a reminder of how much the person really is appreciated. Look for a florist that delivers, and pick out a bouquet that’s in season, and that matches with the tastes of the person you’re buying for.

A fragranced candle

A candle is a more long-lasting alternative to the bouquet of flowers. It’ll last for an entire season, or even longer. Go for something smaller, just to provide a sample of a more novel fragrance. If they decide that they really do like it, then they’ll be able to buy a bigger version of the same candle.

A monogrammed towel set

If you walk into the bathroom and notice that the towels aren’t up to much, then you might plump for a posh upgrade. Monogrammed towels provide the bathroom experience with a personal touch. Make sure that you choose colours that match both the taste of the person you’re buying for, and their existing décor.

Cookbook by their favourite chef

You can never really have enough cookbooks, especially if they’re all nicely varied so as to provide a broad range of inspiration. Think about their favourite foods and pick up a cookbook to match. If you want to go a stage further, you might throw in a voucher for cooking lessons instead. Just make sure that they’re fairly advanced cooking lessons, as you don’t want to risk unwittingly insulting your host!

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