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The Top 3 Things to Check for When Choosing Travel Insurance

Are you planning an upcoming trip and want to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible? Nothing is better at doing this than travel insurance. Choosing an insurance policy is never easy with all the choices out there. There are many different companies and types of coverage that all differ depending on the type, duration, and locale of your travel. Most importantly, you want to make sure the travel insurance works for your trip and your individual needs. 

1. Check that the travel insurance covers standard inclusions 

You always want to make sure the travel insurance you are choosing covers your basics: lost, delayed, or stolen luggage; trip cancellation; and hospital and medical expenses. These should all be standard inclusions on a policy. Trip cancellations and lost luggage are some of the most common obstacles in travel and you don’t want to risk the headache they cause without coverage. If you have an accident overseas, your home country won’t necessarily cover your medical bills or flights home. Secure a travel plan to ensure that in the event of theft, illness, natural disasters, delays, or sometimes just plain bad luck, you don’t lose money and can either get a refund or still enjoy the trip of your dreams. 

2. Check for any specific benefits you may need to add on

Everyone’s travel looks a bit different. While a basic insurance plan might cover your standard requirements, it won’t necessarily cover those extras that are specific to your needs. Do you have expensive jewelry, camera equipment, or other valuables? They aren’t always covered under an average policy so inquire about adding that benefit in case of theft or damage. You can even cover pets with your insurance. If you experience a delay in getting home, the policy will cover the cost for extra nights at the kennel. 

One of the first questions to ask yourself is what activities you plan to participate in so you can figure out whether or not they require additional coverage. For example, one important activity to consider is if you will be using a rental car. If so, ensure that your policy covers rentals cars, so that in the event that the car is damaged, involved in an accident, or stolen, you are not liable for paying the associated costs. 

Another important element to consider is whether you have any current medical conditions. If so, declare them, so that they will be covered under your policy, which may come at an additional cost. While medical coverage is always important in the event of an unexpected accident or falling ill while abroad, check for coverage that will extend to already existing conditions. Not only will you make sure you are covered for health care in your international destination, but you’ll also be covered if a flight home is needed.


3. Read the fine print of the policy 

You might think you have found the perfect policy, but don’t forget to check for all the details! The fine print contains important information that might impact the validity of your policy. Something you should always look for is whether or not your destination will be covered under your policy. Some insurance plans won’t cover countries with high crime rates, risk of infection, or other hazards, or will require an amended policy to ensure those hazards are covered. Additionally, high-risk countries that have a travel warning may be of particular concern and visiting a country on a travel warning list may negate your policy. The best thing to do is let them know all of the countries you are visiting to ensure full coverage. 

Figure out how long you are traveling for, to what destinations, and any extras you might need. This should help you determine exactly what you need out of your insurance. The final step then is to compare insurance plans side by side to make sure all the boxes are checked. Bon voyage!

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