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The Best Exercise Equipment for Travelers

To most, a vacation means a break from work and the stresses of daily life. But to athletes or people with real fitness goals, taking a week or two off from working out can be a real setback. Here some tips on why it is important to keep up your routine, and some easy tools that will let you do it.

Why work out while traveling?

1. Break the routine

We often travel to take a break from our typical routine, and sometimes we need that from our workout routine as well. Routine can sometimes actually hinder success in reaching your fitness goals. Consistency is key, but being in the same routine with the same workouts can cause your body to adapt to the expected, rather than actually get stronger.

2. Get over jetlag

Anyone who has traveled long distances knows that jetlag can be one of the hardest parts. Along with the new food and climate, the first few days of a trip can leave you feeling a bit sluggish; which is not the way to start a new adventure. Working out can help a lot here. Getting your body moving can help wake you up, due to the boost of endorphins, can kickstart your metabolism, and ready you for a good night’s sleep when the time comes. 

3. Keep your progress

Any experienced athlete knows that while recovery is an important part of any fitness program, taking too much time off can hurt your progress quite a bit. If you are new to working out, taking a couple of weeks off can send you back to day 1. After returning from a vacation, it can often take a few days to get back into the swing of your fitness routine, but having maintained at least a basic schedule during your holiday can help you to jump right back in where you left off. 

How to work out while traveling

Depending on how you like to travel, a vacation can actually offer a chance to be a bit more active during the day; if you live a sedentary lifestyle due to an office job, going on a trip can give you the chance to walk and explore all day. Even a relaxing beach trip can allow you to swim and play more than usual.

Even with a physically active holiday, it can still be good to schedule in a proper work out during your day. You could find a local gym, but that can be costly and time-consuming. Here is some convenient equipment that you could choose to bring with you on a trip. They easily fit in a suitcase and be pulled out and ready for your next workout. There are also countless of movements and exercises that you can do with these conveniently in your hotel room. Depending on the season and location of your trip, you may even find a fun outdoor or beach gym waiting for you.

1. Exercise bands

Exercise bands are one of the most convenient fitness tools that many athletes even choose to incorporate into their work out at their home gym. You can use one band to replace heavyweights for curls and presses, wrap around your thighs to intensify your squats, or wrap around a pull-up bar for assisted pull-ups. There are numerous types and resistance levels of bands, so it could be a good idea to check out someone who has the lot, like, to figure out which ones would be best for the movements you want to be able to do.

2. Drybag

The Drybag, or dry bell, goes by many names depending on the brand. This is a convenient bag that can be rolled up and stuck in a suitcase. Each bag is measured to weigh a certain amount when it is filled with water. If you have access to a tap, you can have a heavy workout anywhere!

3. Sliders

Sliders are another tool that is often utilized even at home. They a small, lightweight plates that easily slide across the floor. Use them to intensify your pushups and core work.

4. Jump rope

Jumping rope is an amazing full-body cardio workout. Jumping rope can burn more calories than a run and even some competitive sports. It is a lightweight and convenient tool to stick in a backpack and go! We do recommend using it outdoors, as your fellow hotel guests might not be too keen on your jumping up and down for 20 minutes.

5. Shoes

Don’t forget about what you can accomplish with a good set of shoes. A comfortable pair of running shoes is something that you might already be bringing with you on your trip. Going for a quick jog can be a great way to engage your whole body while offering you a great way to see the sights!

Sorry not sorry

Sorry to say, but it seems you have no excuse to skip your workout this week. If you are going on a trip, that’s even more reason to grab your sneakers and bands and get in a good workout before seeing the sights. Save this list for when you are packing up for your next big adventure!

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