Sunshine and Old World Elegance in Palm Beach Florida

Sunshine and Old World Elegance in Palm Beach Florida: If you still have not gone to the beach this year, now is the time.

  • You can save by a trip off season.
  • If you love Europe’s charm but can’t get there now, this is the place.
  • This can work for a range of budgets. (i) Air fares are much less than if you go abroad. (ii) Hotels may be higher than some places but see our thoughts below.


Sunshine and Old World Elegance in Palm Beach Florida:  Why Palm Beach?

Have reports of terrorist attacks and jewel heists left you staying at home? Go to Palm Beach where travel time is short if you are in the US or Canada. It has charm and style and is generally sunny. Prices go way up in the winter and holidays.

The only well known safety issue in 2016 has been the Zika virus. Pregnant women or those who might become pregnant should not travel to the region. Any other travelers that could be impacted by the Zika virus should speak with their doctors.

After travel to five malaria zones, I enjoyed leaving that thought at home.

Sunshine and Old World Elegance in Palm Beach Florida: Things to Do:


Lounge on the beach.

Pop in to high end shops.

Taste top dishes and wine.

Go to a spa.

Have high tea.


Be active:

Learn to wind surf.

Go boating.

Bike the island.

Take a tennis lesson.

Play a round of golf.


Sunshine and Old World Elegance in Palm Beach Florida:  Lodging for a Range of Budgets:


Keeping to a budget:

Go off season.

Compare week day flights and lodging with week ends.

Take a short 4 day and 3 night trip.

Make lunch your big meal.

Have a picnic on the beach.

Save on “Happy Hour”. Buy your own bottle of wine at the local liquor store.

Lodging ranges from 5 star deluxe to short term rentals.


Here are our 5 tips if you need to watch your lodging budget:

  1. The farther you are from the beach the lower the prices. Price car rental and shared rides to see if that is a savings. If so, you may want to go farther out.
  2. See if breakfast or including other meals helps you save.
  3. Compare short term rentals. Do look at safety as to the location and as to the property.
  4. Check out business hotels in West Palm if you travel on week ends. They have less demand then. After Hurricane Matthew, I had a great stay at the Embassy Suites. My Palm Beach hotel was closed for two days.  I really liked the full breakfast and helpful service.
  5. Most airport hotels may not have Old World charm but can be value. In addition, you will find lots of transport options around the area.

Here are our tips if are looking for luxury:

  • Stay at the 4 star boutique Chesterfield Hotel.  I am just back and fell in love with this chic spot. It is said to be the best value on the island of Palm Beach. They have an  on site restaurant and bar. The service was some of the best I have seen world wide.
  • Check out offerings at the Brazilian Court via our home page booking engine.
  • If price is no object, go to  the Breakers. For best savings, enter your dates again in our home page booking engine. They book up to one year ahead. Plan now for your next trip.


Sunshine and Old World Elegance in Palm Beach Florida:

Take advantage of off-season prices.  For other options, see our home page booking engine with 800,000+ lodgings for bargains including a variety of prices and ratings. For our top pick, go to our link for the Chesterfield Hotel. They have the best price for value in Palm Beach.

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