Sports Travel Packages for Singles

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Sports travel  packages for singles? Is that possible? Most sports require at least two players leaving many solo travelers sitting on the sidelines. There are some surprising exceptions.  A case in point? Visiting the Great Barrier Reef and neighboring rainforest, I spied a “boat-less water skiing” center!  No need to find a driver. Just pay the entrance fee, grab a rope and spin around  a small man-made lake complete with ski jumps!

Another example? Returning to the US from a business trip in South Africa, I had a 4 day stop in the Cape Verde Islands. Off the coast of Mauretania and Senegal, the weather was perfect for golf! Lacking an existing expertise for golf, I decided to try my hand at miniature golf, My “team” headed for the course and as usual, found most of my shots sailed off the fairway narrowly missing any passersby. This made for great entertainment until I had to tally up my too large golf score.  I knew there must be a better way to have sports travel packages for singles. Here are three options to consider.


Option One: Sports Travel Packages for Singles:  Go to a resort offering your sport.

Many resorts in the Caribbean and elsewhere have their own golf courses or shuttle buses to nearby courses.  Other providers have “Golf Buddies” or can sign up visitors to join fellow golfers on the links.  Destinations famous for winter sports have golf or tennis available in the summer. Even adult camps are seen in the US where you can have an active vacation without finding travel partners.

Option Two: Sports Travel Packages for Singles: Before you leave home, book lessons with an independent provider at your destination.

One February, I went on a solo tour of the Nordic region. Before going, I researched medium-priced hotels near the famous ski area, Lillehammer. I emailed the front desk and discovered there was a public bus daily that whisked skiers to the slopes at Hafjell. Upon arrival, I caught the bus and joined a four day class. Unfortunately, my stylish ski outfit was still languishing in lost luggage somewhere between Washington and Norway. Not to worry! I arrived at my first class in a jacket from the hotel’s Lost and Found, half of my business pants suit and stocking-feet stuffed into rental boots. After some good natured ribbing, I was off to really great Intermediate skiing and surprising sunshine.

Option Three: Sports Travel Packages for Singles: Join a sports club at home that offers group travel packages, or find a tour operator that has active, sports tours and packages.

I joined a local ski club that sponsored trips abroad.  We traveled to the small country of Andorra for economical, world-class skiing. Although designated a sports trip, it was possible to see much of Barcelona en route making for a combined cultural/historical tour.  Besides not having to find a ski buddy, this can be economical with options for sharing.  If you don’t have a local group for your sport, the easiest solution is to search adventure travel for destinations that fit. Bear in mind that the best known destinations like the Swiss Alps for skiing will be the most expensive. However, that is a quick way to begin to research options before moving on to less famous (and less costly)  destinations, such as my trip to Kranjska Gora, Slovenia.

Sports travel  packages for singles? Let us hear your own stories and solutions for being a solo traveler on a sports vacation.

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