Solo Travel Tips: 10 Ways to Have Better Flights

Solo Travel Tips: 10 Ways to Have Better Flights: It can be challenging to “enjoy” your flight! Think of it this way: You won’t have to be “on call”, and someone else is in charge so you can take time for yourself.  Read a magazine or delve into a good mystery. Save work for later.

(During the COVID-19 pandemic, be sure to bring a mask and hands sanitizer,  optional gloves and face shields. Fashionistas, check out some of the “dress” options online, including at bridal shops. You can challenge yourself to create a new style albeit maybe a better fit for the airport runway not “Fashion Week’s”. I found a white pearl mask, gloves with pearl cuffs and even a face shield with “pearls” at the top! I am saving them for a flight home in April 2020.)  Be sure to check for cancellations and changing restrictions at both home and at your destination.)


Solo Travel Tips: 10 Ways to Have Better Flights: Booking:

Tip One:

Watch out for connecting flights of 45 minutes or less. I have faced this in flights abroad. The problem is that if you have Passport Control and/or Customs, you may miss your flight. Even on the same airline, you may have to change terminals. This is true too when you are on a small plane for a domestic or regional flight as your second leg of your trip.

Tip Two:

If you buy online, be sure to create an account. Do not log in as a guest. Why is that? As I discovered, if there is a cancelled or delayed flight, it is much harder to get reimbursement and track your flights. Do keep all tickets and boarding passes until you return home in case you need to file a claim.

Tip Three:

Always get updates on new security rules. After the “underwear bomber” attempt, it is key to make sure the way you dress does not cause you delays in getting to your flight.  Be sure to peel off layers of coats and jackets. If you are headed north in heavy gear, and everyone else is dressed for the beach, you will likely be delayed in getting through to your gate.

Tip Four:

Do buy a seat confirmation for long flights. It is one more way that airlines have added fees. However, if you are stuck in the middle seat for 14 hours a $25 fee is the right price.

Tip Five:

Be aware that some airlines close seat selection online about 48 hours prior to the flight. If you wait, you will have to get your seat when you arrive at the airport and may have not much to choose from.

Tip Six:

If you don’t have miles for an upgrade, just pay extra for the return foreign leg. Why is that? That’s when you will be most tired.  (When you first head out on your trip, you may not mind bear bones service.) Before you do pay for an upgrade, check out the plane’s seating plan. Even some flights abroad no longer use wide bodied jets. As a result, an upgrade has less value.

Tip Seven:

If you are going abroad, don’t assume you can check in via the app. Not all apps will take your passport. Each airline differs. Also if you have a visa, that may need to be checked in at the airport.

Solo Travel Tips: 10 Ways to Have Better Flights: Packing and Getting Out Fast:

Tip Eight:

Do check your airlines’ rules for carry-on bags. You may have the right size bag and still have to gate check it. Why is that? More and more small planes are in use. Their overhead bins may not hold roller-bags with large wheels.

Tip Nine:

Be prepared for no-frills service. Take your own water and food. This is key. There may be nothing at any price you like on the flight’s “menu”.  Also if there is turbulence, there may not be cabin service for much of the flight.

Tip Ten:

Always, always bring more to read, watch and do than you think you need. Do pack a book or magazines not just electronic readers. Why is that? If you have found your battery needs charging, you may be out of luck. Not many planes have an electrical plug in economy.

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