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Solo Travel Pricing Tracker-Multiple Trip Types-Solo Trekker -Only available at Solo Trekker 4 U via our Home Page Link or by direct link here.  We are constantly adding more providers that have offered no to low single supplements options or specials so do check back often!

We researched for 6 months using a minimum of 4 search engines and our own databse of global relationships in four languages. We culled it down from 1,021 to about 911 providers with 25,000+ trips. The search engine and Helpful Links are primarily in English but do include select listings in Spanish, French and German. We tried to include just those with no to low single supplements, sharing, solo room rates or other solo pricing options. To be listed as “lower” single supplements we targeted those providers with multiple offerings with 30% or even 25% or lower single supplements.  Please remember solo priced spots are limited, subject to change and go fast.  In any case, pricing varies with destination. Europe, although pricey, has many hotels/other lodgings with solo prices.  Trips to remote locations like the Polar Regions may require sharing or not have reduced pricing at all.

We have approximately 18 categories. We have grouped them below to give you a quick overview:


Solo Travel Pricing Tracker-Multiple Trip Types-Solo Trekker: Activity Level:


Active-Ski-Golf-Sports: Most tours involve walking not just sports like skiing. The good news is that they generally specify the level of difficulty and some ability to opt out of specific activities. So if climbing Pike’s Peak is not your idea of a great vacation, you can avoid finding yourself there.

Spa-Wellness-Yoga: This is the opposite end of the activity spectrum.  However, we do have ski and golf packages which offer both active  trips in combination with leisure periods.


Solo Travel Pricing Tracker-Multiple Trip Types-Solo Trekker: Theme:


Adventures may also be listed in the Solo Travel Pricing Tracker under “Active” trips so look under both.  Adventures generally will fall into remote parts of the world. Think Polar Expedition or Nepal Trek not center city Paris.

Safaris-Ecotours: Don’t just target Africa.  Costa Rica/Central America, India and Asia are also rich with wildlife awaiting joining in for your selfies (not too close)!

Solo-Singles Trips Do note that this may include a single supplement and/or sharing.

Special Interests:  Photography, Gardens, Music Art

Food-Wine-Cooking-Primarily in Europe but some tours include Asian and Latin American cuisine. (For wine, South Africa is also part of many tours.)

Cultural-Historical:  Arguably every trip at home and abroad offers cultural insights.  However, we limited those with a focus beyond just the more routine tourist oriented sites.  One example is the Normandy river cruise we have listed.

Faith-Based Europe-Mideast: When we began our research, we were thinking primarily of the Mideast for faith-based pilgrimages to the Holy Land. However, many faith-based trips have Europe as a destination.  In addition, as I found this year in my trip to India, it is one destination that has major sites for three faiths: Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.

Volunteering: Many of these don’t clearly state what the option is for a solo room.  We included them though where projects could be of real interest although comfort and price are not clear.

Solo Travel Pricing Tracker-Multiple Trip Types-Solo Trekker: Pricing:

Budget and Luxury:

Not every provider with top deals is listed under “Budget” trips.  However, where that is a stated specialty like “Cheaper Vacations”, we have included that category.  You will see though that there are tours that have both budget and luxury options offered by one tour operator! Before you write off “Luxury” as too expensive, do look at the prices.  In Eastern Europe, 5-star offerings can fit a range of budgets as can off-season deals around the world.


Hotel-Lodging: We included over 200 that had single rooms or solo pricing for doubles or standard rooms. (Be sure to check the size before booking.)


Solo Travel Pricing Tracker-Multiple Trip Types-Solo Trekker: By Land or “Sea” and Geography:

Cruises-River Cruises/Small Ships and Land Packages:  Why do we include a category for “Land” since most tours either are land-based or offer such extensions or add-on’s?  We added this listing so that you can easily link between cruise offerings to find those that have Land Packages, too.


Solo Travel Pricing Tracker-Multiple Trip Types-Solo Trekker: Age Groups:


We have both Seniors and “Younger” Travelers.  Definitions vary so look at each provider’s description. Generally Seniors means 60+ but in many cases 50 or 55+.  Younger travelers may be still in school for 18-30 age groups.  As a result, travel style and pricing may be very different than a 25-30 year old already in the work place.  For the former, we have links to hostels and study programs. The latter may want to share with another solo to avoid single supplements.

We also have trip categories under Single Parent Travel and Women’s Tours.



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