Solo Travel Pricing Tracker-Luxury Deals Plus Tips

Solo Travel Pricing Tracker-Luxury Deals Plus Tips For solos, paying for double lodging on a single budget can be hard. If I am going abroad just two times a year, I like to stay in top hotels.  However, with standard rates based on two adults on travel, it takes a lot of creativity to make it work. Here are 5 tips I have used ourselves that have worked well.  Be sure to see our sample list below of 10 great luxury stays for a wide range of budgets.


Tip One:

1. Castle hotels.  These are my very favorite. Why? They have the charm of Old Europe with lower prices than city center hotels.  Most have been updated to have Wi-Fi and 21st century services.

Tip Two:

2. Business hotels outside of business hours.  For those that like sleek high rises, this is best.  In finance centers like New York and Frankfurt, see what works on Fri. and Sun. nights when the M-F business crowds are gone.

Tip Three:

3. Grim weather for lower prices. This works real well in Europe in Jan. Think about 4 star Paris at 50% off. I have done that and saved. It works best when you want to prowl art museums not stroll along the Seine.

Tip Four:

4. Hotels transitioning.  I had a top trip solo to Costa Rica. My hotel was in the midst of changing their management cos.  I was upgraded for free to a junior suite. I started each day when room service served piping hot coffee on my large private balcony. It overlooked two sparkling swimming pools below while humming birds buzzed by.  

Tip Five:

5. Reopenings/In renovation. This works two ways. Reopenings tend to start at a loss leader price to draw traffic. It can be short term so do act fast. Renovations can be tricky. If you are a light sleeper, you may not want to wake up to a buzz saw. Think about how much time you want to spend in the room in any case. 


Here are a sampling of luxury hotels at budget-friendly prices:


Solo Travel Pricing Tracker-Luxury Deals Plus Tips: Under $200-Europe:


Chateau Frontenac, Quebec 

Elegant Villa Bled, Slovenia

Von Bulow Palace, Germany

Budapest, 5-Star Corinthian


Solo Travel Pricing Tracker-Luxury Deals Plus Tips: Under $200-Asia:


Imperial Hotel, New Delhi

Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand


Solo Travel Pricing Tracker-Luxury Deals Plus Tips: About $250-or Less in Europe and Morocco:


Ski or Spa? Czech Grandpupp

Luxurious Dutch Castle Hotel

Czech Chateau Heralec

Morocco Dar Rhizlane


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