Solo Travel Pricing Tracker Budget Tips Plus 10 Deals

Solo Travel Pricing Tracker Budget Tips Plus 10 Deals  On Sept.15, 2020 ,we launched our free SoloTravelPricingTrackerPremium. This user-friendly update of our original 2017 patent-pending solo travel software tool provides two different ways to search. The first option is to find tours/cruises with no (or low) single supplements. The second way is to search for hotels/lodgings with solo-priced offerings or other top values.

Solo Travel Pricing Tracker Budget Tips Plus 10 Deals: Getting Started:

We will be constantly adding tips on finding the best budget solo travel deals for you.  One challenge is that budgets do vary for each solo traveler. In addition, a solo may look to spend one amount for an annual trip and a lesser one for a quick getaway. With that in mind, we found 10 new ways to go off-season, have Halloween or just look at fall leaves. Please do note that some of the same prices may occur in cold weather and early spring.  Are you looking for a real deal? How about the Polish Riviera off-season for $38!

Solo Travel Pricing Tracker Budget Tips Plus 10 Deals: Tip One: What you get:

Tip One:

It is true that on some rare occasions a real unbelievable option seems to fall from the sky. As we all know, someone must win the lottery! However, pricing in all industries is driven by supply and demand. As a result, we need to start by looking at average prices, here lodging, in a city or region. If you find a real deal that is way, way less, you must think why.  It may be:

-a less desireable area

-far from popular sights

-not accessible to public transportation

-limited as to services from on-site dining to fitness centers

-shared bathrooms

Solution:  Surf the Internet to see how the first 3 apply. Then search for nearby cafes and yes, even grocery stores and then for gyms or other facilities with day/short-term membership options.

Shared bathrooms may be a deal breaker for you. Do check if they are en suite or down the hall.

The bottom line: Will the savings make the trip work for you or just turn a dream trip into a true nightmare!

Tip Two:

Don’t pay for what you don’t need or want.


  • Check to see if your hotel has a “resort fee” or special charges for recreational facilities.
  • Is breakfast included when all you want is coffee and time to wake up?
  • Are you paying for a deluxe bathtub when you are strictly looking for quick showers?

Solo Travel Pricing Tracker Budget Tips Plus 10 Deals: When(ever) You Go:

Tip Three:

Make timing work for your budget.


  • For up to 50% off, go off-season. That can mean blazing heat in the Caribbean or wintry days in northern Europe. So remember to adjust your search for the destination’s climate. For example, I have had great trips through rain forests, yes, during rainy season! In Africa, the “Green Season” has many safari options with no to low single supplements.
  • Be flexible on timing. That means not just “last minute deals” but searching without dates.  Flex timing can be a real savings if that works with your work or family schedules.
  • Take into account where demand is down in general making pricing better for all travelers. That can mean going to the beach after summer’s end or ski snows when snow is chancey.


Tip Four:  Midweek lodging is generally cheaper.


  • Most resorts have Sat. to Sat. check-in and check-out. If you can go on odd days like Mon., you will find less competition.
  • One exception: Business hotels in large cities. New York is a top example. Many hotels drop rates on Fri. nights when business trips have ended and before Sat. crowds come back.


Solo Travel Pricing Tracker Budget Tips Plus 10 Deals: Location, Location, Location:

Tip Five:  Location is not just a real estate motto.  The closer you are to main sights that draw tourists the more you may pay.


A good option is to choose the suburbs not city center.  In Rome, Italy, we have seen daily prices of $64!


Tip Six:

Always think of safety for lodging.  This is very true for solo travel abroad. If you add a new language and jet lag, it can mean you miss tips that the neighborhood is not safe.  Watch carefully after sundown when you go out for dinner alone.


  • Surf the Internet and see what is close by. If you have to walk blocks back from the subway at night, the savings may not be worth it.
  • Find out if the area is still well-trafficked 24/7. One good way to figure it out is the number and types of restaurants, hotels and theaters in walking distance.
  • For house shares and group rentals, see what security exists if people are arriving and leaving through out the night. How many keys were handed out but not returned?


Tip Seven:  Reduce out-of- pocket expenses by estimating ahead the cost of getting back and forth.


Make public transportation a chief factor to add in to price of lodging.  You may find ride shares are not reliable everywhere. Subways, buses and commuter trains at least have schedules that are  more predictable.

Tip Eight:  Don’t pay for added style if you plan to spend all your time away from your hotel.


Airport hotels may lack charm but often have great deals.  I once stayed at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport at a Sheraton for $99/night.  It was a real 4-star high rise.  Best news? It was right on the Metro into the city center.


Solo Travel Pricing Tracker Budget Tips Plus 10 Deals: Under $100:

Florence From $60

Florence is a perfect whirlwind or longer trip for solos. It is well-situated for day trips to Sienna and other Renaissance sites or for a 21st century wine tour.

Ireland From $71

I found Ireland to be the perfect solo trip. I could speak the same language (sort of). There were loads of friendly people and Irish tunes at local publs and cafes. If you do rent a car solo, be sure to take a GPS.  Directions I received included “Turn at the pub”.  The only challenge was which pub!

San Marino (Almost Italy!) From $86

San Marino is an independent nation set in the heart of Italy. You will have much the same feel but with even lower prices.

Salzburg From $96

Salzburg is a must for music lovers for a range from formal concerts to informal street bands. Don’t forget to visit Mozart’s Geburtshaus (birthplace)!


Solo Travel Pricing Tracker Budget Tips Plus 10 Deals: Hovering on $100:

Nuremberg and Munich offer 2 different ways to visit fabled Bavaria. Nuremberg is the “Land”/state’s second largest city. Munich is a tourist haven for Oktoberfest but is also rich with art museums and striking architecture. Nuremberg, as the home of Albrecht Durer, is also a site for art history buffs to visit.

Nuremberg, Germany From $100

Munich From $102

Hotel Como, Italy From $102

This idyllic spot is in the lake district of Tuscany and thereby perfect for a peaceful getaway.  We counted at least 18 hotels there. If you want more options, do go back to our Home Page booking engine with 800,000+ global lodgings and solo travel reviews.

Budapest From $108

I spent a Thanksgiving in Budapest although the cold chill may not be what you want. Try this Oct deal instead.  A great add-on is to take a day or multi-day river cruise down the Danube.  Most river cruise providers have deals with no single supplement or low(er) ones. Budapest is a top standalone trip or as a starting point for a river cruise.

Solo Travel Pricing Tracker Budget Tips Plus 10 Deals: Just Above $100:

Both London and Vienna are well-known for being expensive.  Here are two options in the cities, themselves.  An alternative is to go to the suburbs where prices are lower.  If you stay on a main route, public buses, trains and subway can work well, (In Paris, I found a $99/night at an airport Sheraton and was in town fast via subway.)

London From $114 

Vienna from $137 

Stay tuned to this post as we will update it throughout the week. Our focus to start will be budget deals.  Then go back to the  Solo Trekker 4 U Home Page. Click the top tab for our Solo Travel Pricing Tracker. Then you can search by destination, type and most of all, solo travel pricing method!



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