Solo Dining An Enjoyable Experience

Solo Dining An Enjoyable Experience can be a real pleasure.

Having been required to travel in prior business, I have eaten out alone for a long time.  My two strongest memories? Just before Christmas one year, I traveled for work. While having dinner alone, I had two contrasting images. I had Christmas carols piped in like Musak in one ear. The other ear was privy to a conversation by two cosmetologists discussing procedures!

My second dining alone strongest memory was also during the holidays. One year I had planned to fly Christmas Day to meet friends in London for Dec. 26 Boxing Day. I felt empowered that enroute to Dulles International Airport, I booked dinner at the Four Seasons. What was the problem? I had not counted on the fact that friends would arrive en masse. At my exclusive table for one, I felt very conspicuous.  I realized why solos may find dining out somewhat intimidating!

When people first start traveling solo, one of the things they are most nervous about is dining in public alone. There seem to be a few FEARS at play here:

Solo Dining An Enjoyable Experience:

1.) The fear that others will see us eating alone and judge us to be lonely, friendless pariahs.

Solo Dining An Enjoyable Experience:

2.) The fear that we’ll receive poor service because of being alone.

Solo Dining An Enjoyable Experience:

3.) The fear of not knowing what to do without a dining companion to talk to.

Almost nobody will notice that you’re alone. As long as you are content with your solitude, that will radiate from you and nobody will think twice about you dining alone.

At some point, once you’ve done it long enough, solo dining becomes second nature.  There are joys to dining solo.  There’s the pride and sense of accomplishment that comes from learning to order successfully in a foreign language when dining in another country.  There’s the joy that comes when servers start remembering you by sight and greeting you by name because you’ve returned to the same restaurant or coffee shop a few times.  Also, the people watching!

It may take you months or years to learn to be comfortable dining alone. Or you might love it immediately.

How do you feel about dining solo  when you travel? Love it? Hate it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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