Solo Adventures Tips from Expedition Unknown’s Josh Gates

Solo Adventures Tips from Expedition Unknown’s Josh Gates: Like Indiana Jones, the Travel Channel’s best-known archaeologist, Josh Gates, brings us excitement at home.

Expedition Unknown
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I tuned into Expedition Unknown for Josh Gates’s travel tips. After traveling to 100 countries, he had some fairly routine tips. Five of which I selected below.

Solo Adventures Tips from Expedition Unknown’s Josh Gates:

Tip One:

  • Pack early.
  • Make a checklist.
  • Check out the weather at your destination and what you need, including any specialty gear.
  • My personal recommendation: When you finish packing, take your luggage for a walk. Then you need to practice hoisting it up into an imaginary overhead bin. As a result, you will really know if you overpacked!

Solo Adventures Tips from Expedition Unknown’s Josh Gates:

Tip Two:

  • Save (and savor) one unprogrammed day for every five on travel.
  • I have always done this for my trips to sixty-six countries. However, information overload on cultural and historic tours also can call for some down time. I learned this on a top Great Britain tour of Perpendicular Gothic Churches and Cathedrals. By my last viewing of a hammerhead ceiling, I needed nothing more than high tea at Claridge’s. Another alternative? Watching the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

Solo Adventures Tips from Expedition Unknown’s Josh Gates:

Tip Three:

  • See where local food comes from, and sample it.
  • I marveled as Josh tried out live octopus. He also milked a horse and then sipped a really warm drink.
  • I think many, if not most, travelers need to be somewhat careful about eating on  travel abroad.  It takes some time to adjust to food and water in a different destination.

Solo Adventures Tips from Expedition Unknown’s Josh Gates:

Tip Four:

  • Drink in moderation. I strongly concur, especially for solo travelers. When combined with jetlag and lack of familiarity with your surroundings, too much “brew” invites traffic accidents. It also dulls awareness when confronted by other potentially dangerous circumstances. Unfortunately, this is especially true for those of us women solo travelers.

Solo Adventures Tips from Expedition Unknown’s Josh Gates:

Tip Five:

  • Don local attire, and otherwise get outside your comfort zone. In Scotland, Josh modeled a kilt and quickly verified that “no wear” underneath is traditional men’s wear on such occasions! No word on how that works while haggis hurling.
  • My recommendation is to try to be culturally sensitive and fit in. Be especially aware that in many cultures both men and women need to work modestly. Pack accordingly although some sites and houses of worship provide cover-up’s to borrow.
  • If you are traveling to destinations where shoes must be removed at times, pack socks. The reason? I discovered in Southeast Asia the marble foyers to local temples were desperately hot in the afternoon sunshine.

Solo Adventures Tips from Expedition Unknown’s Josh Gates:

My Top Five Checklist of Josh Gate’s Wackiest Moments Ever:

However, what made me DVR the series was Josh’s weird and wonderful insights while traveling abroad. Here are the top five, primarily from local gift shops:
1. Pottery version of a smiling, shrunken? head to use as an ashtray. This might help in breaking the habit. The reason? Having to view the shrunken head might deter any desire to light up again!
2. “Screaming” bat captured for posterity encased in lucite. The question that remains is whether this comes with audio!
3. Ubiquitous figurines of a bear holding a trout under a pink mushroom. Although we all love wildlife, how many cute bear souvenirs can we have? This could be a stocking stuffer or gift for friends and family. However, be careful. The recipients might reciprocate!
4. For  top daily hygiene, Blackbeard the Pirate soap. What is the problem with this? Blackbeard was not exactly a model of “best practices” for top grooming regimes.
5. King Arthur ballpoint pens just like those used at the Round Table? Although it is not exactly an “authentic” takeaway, it could be a good icebreaker at your next business convention!

Solo Adventures Tips from Expedition Unknown’s Josh Gates:

The good news about “Expedition Unknown”? For thrill seekers, it  may provide you with a wealth of new, daredevil ideas to try out.

Just this past week from my comfort at home in Washington, I watched Josh climbed down into a deep tunnel. It began to collapse on him as he quickly made his escape.  No worries! We know that we will still be able to see him next week!

For those “armchair adventurers”? You can enjoy the adrenalin rush without having to update your life insurance policy.  Check it out on Wednesday nights.

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