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Guest Post by Michelle Williams

The great thing about ski resorts in Japan is that they are located all over the country. That allows them to offer all types of skiing, whether it’s a day trip to the mountains or a weekend getaway for the entire family. Since Japan is a very popular destination for tourists, consider booking a hotel room as early as possible to avoid last minute surprises. Also make sure you get your gear in advance as shopping for snow gear in Japan can get very pricey. A great place to buy online is In fact, with the wide selection of ski resorts in Japan, anyone planning a ski vacation in Japan can find the right place to stay.


Japan is actually two countries: the northern part is called Hokkaido and the southern part is known as Okinawa. Japan is a peninsula country of East Asian origin in the northeast Pacific Ocean. It borders the ocean to the east and extends as far south as the Sea of Okhotsk. Because of its location it is prone to getting hurricanes, tsunamis and large volcanic eruptions, but there is little worry about as Japan has a strong and stable economy and is well-prepared for such natural disasters.


This country is well known for the snow-capped mountains which offer some of the best skiing in the world. With the abundance of ski resorts in Japan, there are top winter sports in this country year-round. With multiple areas where people ski on a regular basis, a wide range of  resorts are located in and around these areas. Many people find skiing in Japan to be a relaxing and rejuvenating way to spend their holiday, and one of the main things that people love about skiing in Japan is the incredible scenery that it offers.


The slopes that are available for skiing in Japan are quite diverse and provide a variety of slopes to choose from. For example, if you travel to the northern parts of the country, such as Hokkaido and northern Chitose, you will find a range of resorts and slopes available as well as those surrounding Japan’s capital Tokyo.

Ski resorts in Japan are often located within a hundred kilometers of the city, and it is easy to reach the slopes in a short amount of time. These resorts offer up-to-date facilities and options such as high speed Internet access, ski lifts and rental car services. While the resorts offer good skiing during the day, the evenings afford an opportunity to relax and enjoy the view from one of the numerous balconies.

Some Japanese ski resorts are located near to an international airport, which makes it easy to fly in from abroad whether to ski locally or elsewhere within the country. The Kuchiki Ski Resort, just four kilometers from the airport and easily accessible by road, is ideal if you are traveling to Japan for the first time. As one of the main Japanese ski resorts, located in Hyogo, northern Japan close to Nagano, Kuchiki offers top slopes and pristine views from the slopes. An added advantage? Kuchiki is located atop the sea side of the surrounding hills giving you the opportunity to see the ocean from your ski slopes at night.

Japan is an excellent choice for a ski trip year-round since it has virtually unlimited ski resorts which are both excellent and are relatively inexpensive. In addition, they are an especially a good fit for beginners since resorts are designed to make learning easy and offer practice areas between classes.

(Solo Trekker 4 U notes: For other ski options, including almost all year round in the US, check out Timberline.


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