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Taking a Safari Vacation is certainly a top choice for many.  Members of my family have taken an African Safari Adventure and were absolutely thrilled and would recommend this holiday to anyone.  In fact, my wife and I are making plans for travel to Africa very soon, to embark on a trip of a lifetime!

Recently, I was approached by a writer online asking to include an article on helpful tips for those thinking of or actually embarking on this type of adventure.

There are some things you should pack to better prepare yourself for a safari trip.  Below are some excellent Safari Adventure Packing Tips.
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Safari Adventure Packing Tips – Don’t Leave Home Without

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Getting ready for a Safari Adventure can be fun, if you do it right!  The key to success is packing the essentials you need without overdoing it.  To help you get a solid start on packing for your next adventure, we have provided a list of essential items that you should consider taking with you.

Check it out and read through the tips to get the most out of your trip!

Packing For Your Safari Adventure

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Proper Clothing – What To Wear

Safari Adventure Packing Tips #1

You will want to pack a variety of clothing options as the weather on your safari may vary from day to day. Bring along a couple pairs of shorts and jeans as well, and a few options for short and long-sleeved shirts. You will also want to avoid bright colors and stick to neutrals like khaki, deep green and brown.

A windbreaker will also come in handy should the wind pick up a bit while you are out.

If you are staying at a resort, packing an evening dress or button up and slacks. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit, as many accommodations have swimming pools on site.

Adequate Protection From The Sun

Safari Adventure Packing Tips #2

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Long socks and enclosed boots/shoes with durable soles will be important for protecting your feet and ankles. Bringing along a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and plenty of SPF sunscreen and lip balm will also be imperative, as these items will protect your skin from one of the harshest elements in the world.

Along with your sunscreen, pack plenty of insect repellent.

The bugs on your trip will be a bit exotic in comparison to those that you find at home and could be carrying disease, meaning that you will want to keep them as far away from you and your camp as possible!

Adventure Gear – Basic Necessities

Safari Adventure Packing Tips #3

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For your adventures, you will want to be certain to bring along a few important essentials that can get you through the rugged terrain. Some of these include;

A durable backpack with plenty of space and pockets

Plenty of snacks and water;

A lighter and/or waterproof matches (camping);

A pocket knife (camping);

Wet wipes;

A water purifying kit for emergencies;

A sleeping bag (If camping);

Travel First-Aid Kit.

Quality Optics

Safari Adventure Packing Tips #4

The sites you take in on your first safari are unlike any other you have seen at any earlier point in your life.  Make sure each moment is captured to share and revisit upon your return. Bring a good camera with plenty of memory and easy portability.

Look into waterproof casings and solid straps to protect your camera from damage during your adventure.

A set of good binoculars will allow you to take in each site from a safe distance. Look into your options and do a little research to find a great pair at a good price. You won’t want to skimp on quality, however, finding a reasonably-priced set should do the job for basic site-seeing.

Travel Essentials

Safari Adventure Packing Tips #5

passport document

While some of these items are pretty standard for any vacation, others are fairly specific to traveling outside of the U.S.  Be sure to pack and check off each item on the list below to ensure safe travel to and from your destination.

As well as comfort upon arrival at your camp or resort;

Passports and ID’s;

Health insurance cards and information;

Vaccinations and other medical documentation;

ATM, debit and credit cards (be sure to set a travel notice on your accounts);

A print-out of each of your reservations (tours, rentals, hotel, flights, etc …);

Basic toiletries (soap, hair products, razor,etc …);

Chargers for phones, cameras and other electronic devices;

Any prescribed medications as well as OTC allergy and pain relief tablets.

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Now that you know what you should start packing to make your next safari adventure successful, it is time to get started!  Although the list of essentials may seem a bit long, shopping for each item can be fun once you get the ball rolling.

Talk to experienced safari goers and/or take advantage of the many Benefits Of  Booking With A Travel Agent and other safari travel specialists. These professionals and companies can assist greatly in determining which products and places to visit will offer the best quality for your buck.

We hope you enjoy a Safe and Fun Safari!

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I am happy to present this collaborative post in the hopes of offering some helpful travel inspiration and information to you. Robert:)

To help you get started, I’ve included an excellent website that I discovered on the internet to help you plan your African Safari Vacation.

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