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Must Have Emergency Equipment for Mountain Travelling

Mountains are some of the most beautiful travelling locations, but also some of the most dangerous. There are lots of threats in the cold mountain environment, which is why it is essential to be prepared for everything. Forgetting even a small thing from this list will probably cause you lots of trouble.

The Six Essentials

We have picked six categories of items you will need in case of emergency. It is important to accurately pack all these items in order to overcome any possible danger in the mountains.

However, there is an easier way for those who find it challenging to buy and pack all the items one by one. The whole backpacks with already packed emergency kits are sold in almost every travel shop. You’ll learn more about such kits on Clever Wander.

Emergency Shelter. It is necessary to be prepared for a sudden change in weather conditions. Long travels require proper shelter, which will help you through blizzard or a sudden drop in temperature. This includes tents, sleeping bags, blankets and more stuff you can wrap yourself into.

Extra Supplies. The most common emergency in the mountains is a sudden weather change that preventsyou from going forward or returning back. This means you have to be prepared to set camp for some time. While packing, make sure you have enough food for at least one additional day.

Light and Fire. If you are forced by nature to spend an unplanned night in the mountains, it is better to be prepared. To be able to make a fire, you have to take some waterproof lighters and fire starters with you. And don’t forget some flashlights to illuminate the place in the dark.

Navigation. No matter if it is a GPS, a compass or a map, you need to have some navigation tools. If the weather gets bad and the visibility gets low, it is essential to have an instrument to locate yourself and find the way back.

First Aid. Injuries are as common in the mountains as in any other place where you travel, but treating injuries here is a bit more difficult. The basic rules are pretty much the same, but the cold weather will require some additional steps for certain types of injuries. Make sure you have a proper first-aid kit and a shelter, where you can treat any possible wounds.

Tools. As always in travelling, some unexpected difficulties with equipment might occur. You may need to cut a rope, repair the tent or even   remove snow from your path. That is why you should take a Swiss-knife, a foldable shovel and some duct tape with you.

Never Underestimate the Nature

If you have been watching a lot of movies, the first thing you imagine when hearing about a mountain emergency is probably a destructive avalanche. However, most emergencies are more down-to-earth. Usually travelers underestimate nature and are not ready for difficult weather conditions. With the items from our list, you will be prepared for a sudden change in weather, treat an unexpected injury or spend an additional night in the mountains.

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