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Most Common Online Casino welcome offers

In a little over two decades the general gambling landscape in the world has changed massively, and it is all down to one thing and one thing only: online casinos. Before the mid 90s gamblers simply had to visit a real life brick and mortar casino if they wanted to play games such as slots, roulette or blackjack, however as the internet emerged as a genuine force, so too did the world of online casino gambling.

Nowadays the brick and mortar casino industry pales in comparison to that of online casinos, and there are many more gamblers who play over the internet then there are gamblers who still religiously visit brick and mortar casinos. One of the main ways in which online casinos have achieved this dominance is through online casino welcome offers. Read on to find out about the most common online casino welcome offers around at the moment.  

What is an online casino welcome offer 

The first thing to briefly explore here is exactly what an online casino welcome offer is, as many beginners may not know. In essence an online casino welcome offer is exactly what it says on the tin: a one-time offer for new customers to a specific online casino site. Originally in the early days of online casinos these were made to convince gamblers to give the online casino platform a chance, however nowadays they are designed to make certain online casino sites more desirable than their competition. 

As you will see further on in this article, online casino welcome offers tend to come in many different varieties, however there are a couple of bona fide classic welcome offers that pretty much every online casino site will offer nowadays. 

Deposit cash back online casino welcome offer 

One of the most popular online casino welcome offers around in the 21st century are deposit cash back promotions, things that 90% of the online casino sites around will tend to offer. They work like this: a gambler will have to satisfy the minimum deposit amount on the site in question, and after this they will be in line to receive a percentage back as cash back, which they can then gamble with as if it was their own money. 

That is the simple explanation, however it is worth noting that there are lots of terms and conditions to satisfy here too, so it is important to make sure you are reading the small print as carefully as possible. Moreover, due to gambling regulations you cannot simply withdraw the cash back amount straight away, with it having to be gambled with over a period of time. 

Free spins online casino welcome offer 

Due to the emergence of online slots as the premier gambling games in the 21st century many online casino sites also offer free spins welcome offers. This means that gamblers are entitled to a number of free spins on a chosen online slot, and all they have to do to qualify for this is deposit the minimum amount.

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