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Lesser Known Secrets of Saving Money While Flying Private Jet

Gone are the days when private jet travel was considered the style of business tycoons only. Private jet charters are becoming more accessible and affordable than ever before. But there’s no denying the fact that private jets are still far more expensive than commercial flights.

For all those who are looking for ways to save a few bucks on their private air travel budget, we have some great tips.

1.  Shop around for options

Whenever you’re booking a private jet charter, make sure that you’ve enquired with all available agencies and companies. This may sound like a tedious task but that’s the only way to access and compare all competitive offers for your journey.

2.  Reconsider your travel dates

Most private jet operators keep high fares for peak travel days like major holidays or long weekends. Having a flexible itinerary can help you avoid peak fares. This is a good policy if you’re looking to save money on any kind of travel.

3.  Search for ‘empty leg‘ deals

Flying on an ’empty leg’ flight is one of the most convenient ways to get a good deal on the private jet charter. Basically, an ’empty leg’ flight is when an aircraft is scheduled to fly empty in order to reposition to the original base or to the booked charter. Most operators will offer incredible deals on empty leg flights. Don’t miss these deals if the flight is headed to your destination.

4.  Try jet pool

You’ll be surprised to see the number of people willing to share a private jet ride and split the cost. Many jet operating companies have put up official offers for jet sharing, where fliers can share a trip and its costs on private jets. If you’re game for this revolutionary jet sharing model, your private jet trip can be far more affordable than you expected.

5.  Select a reasonable aircraft

The type of aircraft you select for your trip can be a huge determinant of the costs you’ll incur for flying on a private jet. The size of the jet determines the cost of hiring. There are light aircrafts, mid-sized aircrafts as well as heavy jets. If it’s a small party taking the flight, go for the lighter aircrafts rather than the heavy jets.

Besides you can opt for older aircrafts too, because that could turn out to be much cheaper than hiring a new aircraft. However, make sure you’ve done a risk assessment and looked into the safety standards and record of the operator.

6.  Take flights to regional airports

With a private jet you’ll be able to land on regional airports and this fact can be used to an advantage. Commercial airports often charge higher for landing and take-off fees, and the burden of these costs is obviously transferred on the client. By choosing to land at regional airports closer to your destination, you’ll definitely save some money.

7.  Opt out of expensive add-ons

If you’re taking a private jet for a short haul, you should consider stripping off some of the facilities like in-flight catering and flight attendants. In fact, you can probably manage very well without these facilities even on longer trips. If you can get by with the standard snacks that are inclusive in your flight hire charges, you’ll save quite a few bucks by avoiding the catering services.

8.  Flying roundtrips

Qualifying roundtrip flights with a private jet operator can earn you some benefits too. If you own a jet card membership, you can earn rewards for taking a return flight on the same day. Since the jet company can station the same crew and aircraft for your return, there’ll be no need to reposition the aircraft. That’s the reason why private jet operators offer discounted rates for roundtrip flights.

9.  Book with local operators

Flying with operators which have a local base can prove to be much more cost effective than booking an operator who needs to reposition the flight for your travel. A good charter agency can put you in touch with local operators and arrange for a great deal too.

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