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For International Travel Inspiration, Tips & Advice You Can Rely On

One of my main goals here at Gr8 Travel Tips is to provide you with as much international travel inspiration, useful tips and some advice along the way. I want you and your family to have the best vacation possible and at the same time, help ensure that your holiday will be as safe as it can.

There are so many wonderful travel options and destinations to choose from today. This can make it quite difficult deciding, where to go, what to do and how to get there. At the same time, one should never forget about personal safety. This of course, where ever you may be traveling to in the world.

It’s always important to choose a destination and take the necessary precautions to keep you and your travel companions as safe and secure at all times. This is especially important when traveling to a new exciting foreign destination.

Reviewing important safe holiday tips prior to travel, will help ensure you have taken the necessary precautions for a wonderful and memorable vacation.

First, check out this short but informative video on Safe Travel Tips from one of my favorite travel YouTube travel series experts!

Travel Tips – Safety First YouTube Video

Sonia offers some excellent sound advice in this video and tips that everyone should be using at all times.  Not just when traveling abroad to foreign countries, but even for domestic travel in your own country.  I have always tried to use common sense when traveling, adopting many of her recommendations.

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In recent years with ease of the internet and particularly with cell phones and the advances in technology, I always use google maps. This is a great application allowing you to access maps, along with street view access in many cases. A wonderful tool to use when researching a chosen destination and much more.

A great resource and tool as Sonia suggests in her video!



On my recent travels throughout India, google maps was incredibly handy for getting around and finding places. There were many times we were absolutely lost in the maze of back alleys and side streets. This especially so in the congested cities and towns we visited!

Safety And Security Tips For Travelers

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Unfortunately for many of us when we plan our vacations, we don’t often think of the little things that are important for safe travel. I’ve got numerous posts for helpful international travel tips and advice here that I’m sure may be of interest and help to you.

For example …

➡   Passport & Tourist Visa Information;
➡   Travel Immunizations;
➡   Travel Insurance Tips;
➡   Transportation Advice.

Just 4 examples of things to consider when traveling abroad and yes, ones too often neglected or forgotten.:(

Reliable International Travel Advice And Inspiration

travel advice

From students traveling abroad to seniors taking that special cruise, I am sure you will find something here to assist in your travel planning. So be sure to check out some of my category tabs here, and be sure to return often for updates. I hope my articles offer some helpful travel inspiration and tips to help make your travels outstanding! 🙂

I hope to provide a One Stop Solution for you when searching for travel tips, specific travel destination resources and much more on the internet, so you don’t have to spend hours going from website to website gathering bits and pieces of information here and there.

Along the way, be sure to have a look at some of the exciting family vacation destinations and photographs we have taken during our amazing travel adventures over the years.

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Be sure to check out some of my previous articles on;

➡   Cruise Ship Holidays;
➡   All Inclusive Vacations;
➡   Travel Destinations Around The World;
➡   Helpful Travel Tips;
➡   Tourist Travel Scams;
➡   Reviews on Attractions / Hotels / Dining and more!

Providing Reliable Up To Date Travel Information

Planning those vacations takes time and a considerable amount of effort as well.  Along with offering updated travel information, I will also be providing you with helpful website links to reputable and well recognized travel resources. Many of these, I’ve used personally or that have come highly recommended from other travelers.



To help you get started, I’ve included 2 very important U.S. and Canadian Official Government Travel Advisory and Information websites. These two sites offer great information and advice to assist those who may be traveling abroad.

📭   International Travel U.S. Department of State

📭   Travel Abroad Government of Canada

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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