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How to Use Facebook Live in Your Travel Marketing Strategy?

Engaging with audiences on social media sites is quite common nowadays for firms/businesses. The travel marketing sector has also adapted to the new norms and one can witness a lot of travel videos on the internet. The conversion rate of videos is great for any brand. FB (Facebook) Live is one of the prominent ways to live stream your video on Facebook. Let us see how to use FB Live in your travel marketing strategy.

Introduction to FB Live

Facebook introduced a live video sharing service in 2005, enabling users to broadcast their live video with minimum video editing skills. The live videos you share are suggested in the feed of your followers. It is a great tool for increasing customer engagement & satisfaction. People love watching live videos to enjoy a more realistic feel. One can raise money via FB Live or can even invite other guests in your broadcast. There are a lot of benefits of FB Live, which has been utilized by the travel agencies.

How to Use FB Live in Your Travel Marketing Strategy

• Conduct Q&A Sessions

You can share a scenic view live from any destination where your business is operating & can conduct a Question & Answer (Q&A) session in the background. Make sure that you read the comments of the customers and answer them. This communication with customers will help you increase market attention, and you will lure them for more. Basic queries like fare details, route details, etc. can be answered by you and share live video of the provided services. The Facebook Live algorithm will show your live videos on top in the feed of your followers.

• Sneak Peak

One can share behind the scenes moments via FB Live. You can share the process of how your employees execute the work. It lures customers, and they can have more understanding of your brand. This will give customers a special feel as they could not witness these moments physically. Make sure you give some time for your followers after starting your live video so that they can join in between.

• Invite Guests

As a travel agency, you will witness moments when you will encounter persons with good rapport. You can share those moments with your followers. You can also invite guests like hotel owners, celebrities, travel experts, etc. on your live broadcast. There are various online conferencing software(s) like BlueJeans, Zoom, etc. tied up with Facebook and allow conferring videos to be live-streamed on Facebook. One can also bring guests from platforms like BeLive, Stage Ten,, etc. on your FB Live video. FB Live services can be easily accessed via the Facebook mobile application on Android/IOS devices.

• Use FB Live Features

Make sure to have a prerequisite of FB Live to utilize its features fully. You can schedule the timing of your live video & can post an announcement post on your feed. People connected to you can also add a reminder for the upcoming live stream via the announcement post. You can also control the comments section on your live video. You can choose from several options to control comments like Slow, Discussion, Restricted, Protected. 

Don’t miss out on the emojis; the emojis shared by the viewers tell us about the audience’s mood/feedback. You can also share long live videos on your feed later on so that the people who missed it can see it later. Usually, Facebook lets you share four hours long live videos from mobile phones & eight hours long videos via desktop. It also offers a publishing tool to its users who want to live stream continuously for even more longer. One should know about these features and should use them to engage audiences.

• Stream Events

Some events like a product launch, office parties, etc. in which customers are not invited can be shared live so that people can feel connected to the brand. Many travel agencies have started sharing their VIP events on FB Live to increase customer attention. This can help viewers know more about your company and convert them into potential customers. As a travel agency, you should try to share information about the travel industry, attracting viewers.

• Share Live Customer Testimonial Videos

You can share live feedback from any customer on your live video. People will understand your brand more when they can relate to someone. You can share amazing experiences in travel people have encountered via your agency. Customers can speak in the live session about the profits of using your brand’s services and will give them a sense of speciality when you share their videos via your fan page. Make sure to promote your business via your business page/fan page, as promoting a business via personal accounts is not appreciated by Facebook. Customer testimonial videos have a very high conversion rate & you should surely adopt it in your travel marketing strategy.

• FB Live Analytics

You should check the FB Live analytics about how many viewers watched your video, geographic distribution of viewers, etc. It can be seen under the Business Insight section on the Facebook application. It also helps in knowing the audience’s age group & the area where your videos are viewed the most. You can get to know about peak live viewers & the number of unique viewers via the FB Live insights. Make sure you research the internet about the best time to post on Facebook in your geographic location as it will help you increase viewer engagement. One can also add buttons like ‘Donate,’ which will be visible to your viewers for any money-raising event via Facebook.


Using social media for the promotion of your travel brand will provide you with quick results. You can analyze your live video performance easily via Facebook. With more than 2.7 billion active users, Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform & will provide you with ample opportunity to grow your business. Start using FB Live now!

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