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How to Plan the Perfect Caribbean Vacation with Your Friends

Traveling to the Caribbean should be on everyone’s bucket list! Crystal-clear water, white sand beaches, and perfect weather year-round. There are so many islands and choices to make, but more important is who you are with.

Sometimes yourfamily or a partner does not love the sun or have a different schedule than you, but your friends are always there to support you. Traveling with your best friends will strengthen your friendship and you will have memories that will last a lifetime.

Traveling with friends also means instant parties every night and day, splitting the cost of accommodation, and always having someone to hop on an adventure train with you. It is more intensive than traveling with one person and you won’t get much sleep if you are having too much fun. Traveling with friends is therapeutic and can brighten your entire year.

Here are some tips on how to plan a perfect friends-only holiday in the Caribbean:

Choose the destination!

Picking a destination is easy if you know each other well and know what everyone likes. However, there are slightly different activities in every location, and if one of you likes nightlife, and the other prefers early morning jogging, this might be a problem.

For those who haven’t traveled together before it is most important to compromise. Put down a list of all the destinations you are all interested in and talk about the pros and cons. This can be a great activity and warming up party for your trip.

Decide on accommodation!

Probably even more challenging than choosing a destination is picking the right accommodation that everyone will love. Some of you might prefer hotels, others might want more privacy, but the most important is that you are all together and you can spend amazing days and nights having fun.

Sometimes, the best choice is the easiest one. Like booking an exclusive beachfront villa where all of you can stay, have privacy, party as much as you want, and still have the ocean on your doorstep. Staying in a villa has so many advantages compared to a hotel, from concierge services to excellent facilities, amazing location, plus you get more space to yourself.

Activities you want to do!

The Caribbean has a lot to offer when it comes to activities and excursions. Fromisland hopping to water sports, there is something for everyone on almost every island. The great idea is to plan out all the activities in advance. Not just that you will ensure your spots on the excursions, but also you can organize who will do what and with whom.

Choose from diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, visiting national parks and significant areas, and more. For history buffs, there is always a museum they can go to, and learn about pirates and rum, enjoy a Caribbean sunset on the beach, or anything else. At the end of the day, you all need to be happy with your vacation.

Restaurants and bars!

Have one person write down everyone’s food preferences and allergies and search for the restaurant in the area you are visiting. If you stay in a villa you can all take turns in preparing delicious meals or let the private chef do the magic. But for the nights you are planning to go out, check the apps like HappyCow for vegan restaurants or TripAdvisor for all the other ones.

Try local food and specialties like Mofongo in Puerto Rico, Coucou and Flying Fish in Barbados, Conch Fritters in the Bahamas, La Bandera in the Dominican Republic, and other amazing foods.

Set up a budget!

Friends’ trip can be every man for himself, but also you can set up a budget that everyone will like. Having a budget will help you in searching for flights, accommodation, and activities. If you limit how much will you spend on flights, for example, you might get fancier accommodation, etc.

The budget also helps everyone feel comfortable and not have to stretch out more than they can. This means if someone wants torent a yacht, which is a great experience, but your budget can’t handle it, maybe you will just take a tourist boat ride instead. Don’t forget that the point of this holiday is for everyone to be happy and for all of you to have fun.

Have fun and make memories!

Traveling with your squad is an excellent practice you might want to keep as a tradition. You can make up excuses like celebrating birthdays to have that awesome trip, but also you can just celebrate that amazing friendship and your awesome lives. One day when you are all grey and old you will have amazing memories to tell your grandchildren.

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