How to Go on a Liveaboard Diving Trip in Indonesia

I had gone on a liveaboard diving trip in the Philippines, and I must say I was absolutely floored at what I had seen in Apo Reef. I haven’t had the chance to write about it yet (most of my photos weren’t good, unfortunately), but I’m definitely looking forward to doing the next diving trip.

Aside from the Philippines, there are other countries that are also great for diving, including Indonesia. The largest archipelago in the world is a must-visit for all kinds of travelers; it has pristine beaches, surfing spots, challenging mountains, active volcanoes (read: hiking to Mt Ijen), and out-of-this-world natural resources (read: Kawah Puti), and so many others.

Of course, Indonesia is also a good destination for diving.

A friend of mine wrote this article on taking an Indonesia liveaboard diving trip. Someday I will get to do it there!

The (greenish) white crater of Kawah Putih.

Diving in Indonesia is one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have. The country hosts more than 4,000 different fish and invertebrate species. It’s also home to approximately 15% of the coral reefs in the world. This explains why nearly every passionate scuba diver can’t wait to dive into one of the multiple dive sites in Indonesia. 

A liveaboard allows you to enjoy a unique diving experience in Indonesia. Explore the remote areas as you dive in sites where the marine life is diverse and in abundance.

Let’s discuss the basics of taking part in a liveaboard diving

What’s the Best Time of the Year to
Scuba Dive in Indonesia?

The best time for enthusiastic scuba divers to enjoy an Indonesia
liveaboard depends on your diving destination of choice. Some of the top diving
destinations you can choose from include: 

  • Raja Ampat–September to May
  • Triton Bay–May to September
  • Komodo–All year round
  • Banda Sea–March to April and September to December
diving trip
On any diving trip, make sure to check your equipment.

Which are the Best Diving
Destinations in Indonesia? 

Indonesia prides itself in having more than 17,000 islands between the
Pacific and Indian oceans and some of the top-ranked diving destinations. Here
are the most popular liveaboard diving regions in the country. 

Komodo National Marine Park (East Nusa Tenggara Province)

The Komodo National Marine Park is situated in the Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia. It’s one of the most popularly known scuba diving destinations in the country.

Your liveaboard trip in Komodo will include a land visit to check out the famous Komodo dragons. The trip often lasts between 7 to 11 nights.

You can choose shorter dive tours depending on your preferences and budget. The climate in Komodo is usually sunny and dry between July and September. However, the evenings can be chilly.

You will need to carry enough warm clothing to protect you from the cold
and ensure you are comfortable. The winds will be calmer between May and
October but there will be high chances of rain. 

Raja Ampat (West Papua Province)

There are four main islands in Raja Ampat: Waigeo, Balanta, Salawati, and Misool.

Over 1,500 small reefs and islands surround this diving destination. It is popularly known for having the biggest number of fishes, corals, and mollusks.

Raja Ampat has the richest marine diversity around the world. Some areas are popularly known for the diverse fish species you can find on a single dive.

One region has manta rays and others have humpback groupers, barracudas, and schools of parrotfish. An Indonesia liveaboard allows you to explore more on this region than you would during a single day diving journey.

Liveaboard trips in Raja Ampat last between 8 to 14 days. The southern area of this destination experiences monsoon season between June and October that creates waves, wind, and decreased visibility.

You can dive into the Northern and Dampier Strait parts of Raja Ampat
across the year with minimal visibility challenges. 

Considerations to Make When Choosing a Liveaboard 

Alternative Adventures

What scuba diving experience are you passionate about? Liveaboards offer
a vast range of excursions in different environments ranging from wild to mild.
The special sites depend on your region.

Some liveaboards offer night diving while others give you specialized
facilities for your photography and photo editing tasks. You want to figure out
the type of climate in your desired region before making your booking. 


You don’t have to break the bank to participate in a liveaboard. Plan
your trip to fit your budget capability.

Other factors include:

  • The marine life
  • Location, and
  • Number of dives per day, and
  • Duration of the trip.

Going on a liveaboard trip in Indonesia (or anywhere else, for that matter), is something that every scuba diver should consider at least once. It is definitely something to be experienced!

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