Greece: 5 Fascinating Caves to Explore

5 Fascinating Hidden Caves In Greece That Are Accessible: a Guest Post by Katherine Rundell*

If you decide to visit Greece sometime soon, don’t just check out the beaches; but also, check out the caves! You may be surprised to know that sea caves are abundant in Greece, and can be great places to visit if you’re a nature lover, or someone wondering about the hidden mysteries of Earth.

Here are five of the best hidden caves to visit in Greece.

Melissani Cave

Considered one of the most famous caves in all of Greece, this one stretches to about 3.5 kilometers in length. Located on the island of Kefalonia, the cave is known to locals for its dissolved rock formation, and its easy access inside by boat. As you sail into the cave, the experience is magical, with sun rays touching parts of the water from above, so that the water’s shades of blue and green reflect off the walls. Here, you’ll love being surrounded by the lovely colors and mystical atmosphere.

The Melidoni Cave

Also known locally as Gerontospilios or “the old cave,” the Melidoni Cave is located in the Prefecture of Rethymno, and also carries heavy history with it.

In 1824, about 300 villagers took refuge inside the Melidoni Cave, so that the Ottomans couldn’t make them leave. In response, the Ottomans decided to cut off their main air supply by blocking the cave entrance. Despite the refugees’ effort to open new air passage every evening to survive, the Ottoman troop set fire to inflammable material at the entrance, killing everyone inside the cave.

“Other stories are based on mythology. Myth says that a bronze giant Talos had once lived there, and protected the Cretan coast. Another myth suggests that the cave was used as an important Minoan shrine where people would worship Eileithyia, the goddess of fertility,” says Diana Liam, a travel blogger at Big Assignments and Academized.

Today, the stalactites and stalagmites on the walls remind people of the goddess’s shrine. Or, more importantly, the huge central chamber is seen as a memorial for the victims of the Ottoman massacre.

Caves of Poseidon – Pelio

Located at Limnionas Beach, and accessible by boat, the caves of Poseidon are a historical spot, for Greek mythology. According to myth, in 480 BC., these caves were the place where the fleet of Xerxes was destroyed. Mythology also says that they served as the base of operations for Poseidon, god of the sea.

Today, these caves are a natural resort for people to enjoy swimming with each other, or with dolphins (if they’re lucky) or seals.

Cave of Hydra

Considered the most popular beach of the island of Hydra, this cave is known for having rocks that create a raised natural platform. People can use this platform to make impressive dives in the deep clear waters, which are said to be home for the “restless spirits,” for those who believe in the afterlife. Meanwhile, the cemented sections of the cave are great for sunbathing and relaxing.

The Cave of the Elephants

Not far from the bay of Souda is the Cave of the Elephants.

In 2000, the cave was discoverable by going underwater. After that underwater mission took place, the island (and even all of Greece) were fascinated by this fascinating finding.

Upon further exploration, scientists and explorers have found the bones of unknown elephant species, as well as some deer remains.

“Upon entry, the cave is submerged partially, ranging from a few centimeters to nearly four meters in water level. The cave itself is shaped limestone from what it appears to be from the Mesozoic era, complete with a tunnel and a depth or ten meters below sea level,” says Gilbert Smith, a writer at Best Assignment Writing Services and Simple Grad. And, the cave’s roof has stalactites that are marked with a shade of red, thus indicating their high iron content. Unsurprisingly, the red coloring is a grim resemblance of the animal remains that are inside the cave, only to entice visitors to spectate the views.


Hundreds of caves can be found scattered around Greece; and all of them are worth visiting, whether it’s to view their natural landscape, or to try and find the history and mystery behind them. These five extraordinary caves are accessible and open to the public; and they give the islands good publicity, as well as awareness of how beautiful and stunning nature can be. So, go ahead and enjoy the view in Greece; and we hope you have fun!


*Katherine Rundell writes for Best research paper services and Top Essay Services. As a professional content writer at Boom Essays Review, she is your go-to person for helping you write blogs that sparkle and gain site traffic. In her spare time, she likes to read, or play with her dogs.

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