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Free fun stuff you can do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is internationally renowned as a place where you can go to spend money and enjoy the lavish trappings of a luxury lifestyle that goes along with it.

Thankfully the reality of the matter is that Sin City also provides lots of entertaining activities to residents and tourists alike that are completely free of charge.

Here is a look at a few of the things to do in Las Vegas that will not cost you a penny but will still provide you with fun and excitement in equal measure.

Stroll down the Strip

The world-famous Las Vegas Strip is full of sights and sounds at any time of the day or night you care to visit it, so rather than hopping in a cab to get from A to B, walking to your destination is an ideal and entirely free alternative that will let you soak up the personality of this one-of-a-kind city.

The only issue to bear in mind is that during the warmer months of the year, the outside temperatures can climb high enough to make a long distance perambulation session uncomfortable, so take water and stop off at casinos to get respite in air conditioned lobbies.

Gawp at aquatic life in public aquariums

Every resort in Las Vegas wants to lure the public in through its doors so that they end up spending some cash at the tables or on the slots. However, this means that you can see plenty of impressive sights at no cost whatsoever, including some eye-catching aquariums.

The best of the bunch is arguably housed within Caesars Palace, where the Atlantis Aquarium accommodates a huge variety of exotic fish, with a total of over 300 species claimed to be represented within the expanses of its salt water tank.

See the fountains spray outside the Bellagio

The lake that sits in front of the Bellagio resort is literally an oasis in a desert, and an impressive show combining high powered fountains and amazing illumination turns this tranquil body of water into a head-turning attraction.

While you can see the carefully choreographed display that the fountains put on during the day, it is really better to wait until after dark, as this is when the aforementioned lighting brings it to life.

Visit Venice

The Venetian resort is modelled around that famous Italian city, and in the Grand Canal shopping complex you will be able to spend hours just taking in the impressive approximation of old-world architecture recreated in the middle of Nevada.

Free to enter, this area has the added advantage of also being frequented by street performers, who put on shows that members of the public can watch without needing to pay.

There are many other things to see and do in Las Vegas, so follow your nose and explore as many casinos and resorts as you can while you are there; you will not regret those little adventures you go on in the long run, and you can always save money on food and other activities to make ends meet!

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