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Are Japanese whiskey good?

Are you aware that a bottle of Japanese Whiskey is quite expensive compared to other ordinary whisky brands? Yes, Japan seems to have the perfect artisans and craft to refine every product to its finest details ranging from cars and computers to fine Whisky. The question has always been why Japanese Whisky is more expensive, and is it worth it? The obvious answer is yes. It is not only among the most delicious whisky options available today but also has different flavors from a single malt scotch. Blending is the key element of the skills in the making of a typical Japanese whisky. For instance, great attention and care are observed in making the right proportions and flavors arrived by combining different whiskies to come up with the final original product.

Facts you need to know about Japanese whiskey brands in 2020

Japan is well-known for its longtime traditional and modern distilling techniques from both America and the British Isles. The transplanted unique Japanese art of whisky distillation has attracted the international market making Japanese Whisky among the most popular and expensive Whisky in the global market.

1. Japanese Whiskey has its origin model based on the scotch tradition. This means that the malt and or peated barley must undergo double distilling before aging the Whisky in wood barrels. Remember aging it in wood barrels, making it drier, peatier, and smokier from single blends or malts.

2. Made from Scotch ingredients.

Do you know that most major Japan distilleries import most of their main ingredients, particularly from Scotland? For instance, most of the malts and even peated barley is gotten from the Isles. Every brand’s unique taste is mainly from the tiny details in every Japanese distilling process, such as the water source, the type of the wood barrels where aging takes place, and the distilling stills shape. For instance, some distillers’ imports bourbon barrels while others use the mizunara tree barrels (this tree is only found in Japan

3. Japanese distillers pay much attention to refinement rather than consistency.

Yes, even experts will find it difficult to differentiate between Japanese Whisky and Scotch by just a brief taste test. Although Scottish wine focuses more on consistency, i.e., to taste the way it has been tested for centuries and in smokier flavors, Japanese distillers, on the other hand, focus on perfecting refinery hence resulting in more delicate-tasting whiskies.

4. Japanese Whisky is gaining international market dominance over the western Whisky brands.

In recent years, Japanese whiskers are outdoing the West’s dominance in the international market. For instance, Yamazaki 25 Year brand emerged as the winner for the World’s top single malt followed by the Taketsuru 17 Year brand, and this is a clear answer to the question, Are Japanese whiskey good?

5.It is hard to get Japanese whisky brands.

Although it is unfortunate, the demand for Japanese Whisky, particularly in the United States, is limited due to the high demand and limited supply. For instance, although several distillers in Japan, only the Suntory and Nikka whisky brands are found in the United States.

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