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8 Best Cheap Spring Break Destinations for 2021

Staying at home and studying all over the year makes everyone tired and frustrated. So when the spring break comes, you want to spend it to the fullest. Being a student, you might look forward to socializing and having fun during your spring break. However, the year 2021 has been tough on everyone. With limited chances to visit campus and attending physical classes, the students have become more frustrated.

Also, in student life you simply rely on the pocket money so, you always look for cheap places for spring break. So, generally your age group people look for places that are cool yet affordable. As you don’t want to spend the limited money on a trip or don’t want to feel guilty by spending too much. But no worries because there are some places ideal for you to enjoy and relax in your spring break, and they are also cheap.

Thereby, the places that are cheap and have an influx of young college-going teenagers to enjoy their spring break. We have listed down eight cheap places for spring break.

  1. Tulum, Mexico

If you have become tired of staying at home throughout the year and want to do some outdoor activity, the city of Tulum is located on the east coast of Mexico. The Tulum city has many outdoor activities for you to do. The place is serene and gives you a relaxing vibe. This place has terrific beaches for you to chill and unwind.

The city of Tulum also has essential places of archeology for you to visit. It has the most impressive Mayan ruins, which is a must-to-visit site, once in a lifetime. With effective bargaining skills and little research, you can find deals for round trips and stay at a cheap cost. So the cool cenotes and bio reserves, along with Tulum’s calm beaches, are awaiting you.

  1. Bahamas

Bored of staying at your dorm or your home and want to unwind yourself, there is no other place like the Bahamas beaches. The island has beautiful beaches for you to party with your friends and have a good time. You can find unique places to stay on this island at very nominal prices. There are many parties organized in the spring season for the students coming in for vacations.

The Bahamas is also under the threat of climate change and they are working against climate change in their country. So if you are a climate change advocate and believe in the cause, you might land an internship opportunity.

  1. Cancun, Mexico

From luxury beaches to cheap motels, Cancun city has a variety of choices for college students. Cancun is the most famous place for students to party and have a good time in a cheap way. Many live music festivals are organized in the spring, which plays EDM to Classic Jazz music. If you start looking out now, you will find the right combination of flights and stay at reasonable prices.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is heaven for adventure lovers, the Central American country is rich in history and culture. You can have the time of your life in Costa Rica while exploring the country’s natural beauty. It has national parks for hiking to natural rainforests where you can relax while practicing social distancing too. There are several more beaches if you would like to get a tan for yourself.

  1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

If you love EDM and beaches, head out to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. The city has fantastic beaches for its visitors with excellent bars and clubs with amazing music. You can have fun at the beach with your friends while partying at night with great music. The city has luxury hotels available under 100$ for one night, while the city has many cheap motels for its tourists.

  1. Caribbean

Have a fantastic spring break while taking a week off from your college and office at the Caribbean. There are many islands in the Caribbean for you to visit and have an experience that you can never have anywhere. The food is amazing at this place, and you can have excellent meals to enjoy.

  1. Quebec City, Quebec

In case you are longing to visit Europe to see its beauty, visit Quebec City in Canada. This city looks like most of European cities but it is located in Canada. The architecture and the culture are highly similar to its colonizer in the past. The city has old heritage sites which are worth visiting in the spring season. The city has places for outdoor activities like hiking for adventure lovers.

  1. Oaxaca, Mexico

The less famous city of Mexico, Oaxaca, is the heaven for food travelers. The city has a fantastic food variety for you to explore and enjoy. Further, it has also has amazing beaches and places for you to hike. The city has affordable hotels and motels for its visitors. The airfare currently is low, so go on and grab a good deal.


In the end, currently, multiple options are available for you to have a fantastic spring break on a limited budget. The options mentioned above are all over the world, keeping in mind accessibility and affordability. Enjoy your vacations by taking all the precautions. 

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