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7 Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe When Traveling During and After COVID-19

Family vacations are a great way to unwind and reconnect with those closest to you. For some people, however, the risk of danger casts a dark shadow over the fun. There are lots of things you can do to increase the safety factor, no matter what type of trip you are planning. Learning how to implement safety strategies will allow you to relax and enjoy your next family vacation instead of stressing over little details. 

1. Overplan Everything

Not everyone is a natural planner. However, even if you are a type Z personality, you need to plan certain aspects of a vacation in order to keep everyone safe. And with travel disruptions and local closures rampant right now, planning is more important than ever. These tips can help you have a smoother experience without a huge amount of hassle:

  • Arrange hotels ahead of time
  • Use direct flights to minimize changes if you are using air travel
  • Know where open rest areas and gas stations are if you are traveling in a car or RV
  • Find out what attractions are open at your destination
  • Pack extra non-perishable foods just in case 

2. Take Your Trip Outdoors

It is much better to be outside right now than packed into indoor areas, no matter where you are headed. That simple fact is driving an increase in camping and adventure travel. You don’t have to rough it to enjoy the great outdoors, though. For example, if you are considering cruising, look for shore excursions that allow a glimpse into special areas of each stop while still affording you the safety protocols of a major cruise line. 

3. Follow Local Policies

You are probably aware that laws and restrictions vary between countries, but there are differences among more local municipalities, too. Even if you are looking at a domestic vacation you should know what policies might affect you so you can follow them without getting into trouble. That could be anything from driving and traffic regulations to whether cannabis is legal, so it’s always best to check anything that might affect you. 

4. Bring Extra Supplies

Even the lightest packers will want to beef up their supply list right now. If you are traveling with little kids, that might include favorite food items, diapers and toys while older children will probably be more interested in a battery backup for their devices. Anyone with food allergies or who relies on medications should have enough extra supplies on hand to mitigate the impact of travel delays. 

5. Share Allergy Information

Speaking of food allergies, this is a concern no matter what type of traveling you are doing. If you experience severe reactions such as anaphylaxis, you should always carry an epinephrine injector with you. You also want to alert any tour operators and hotel or restaurant staff of your allergy to be safe. Wearing a medical alert can alert bystanders to your condition if there is an emergency. That is especially important if you happen to be alone at the time. 

6. Limit Ride Sharing

Travel inevitably means being in close contact with others, but stepping onto a public bus, subway or train means taking on an extra level of risk. If you don’t have to share a ride with others, then don’t. Look for private car rentals, ride-sharing options or a taxi instead. 

7. Choose Your Destination Wisely

Read up about where you want to go and make informed decisions about its appropriateness for your family. This can help you avoid both embarrassing and potentially dangerous situations. After all, you may not want to head out to the beach with your tweens in tow only to find out it allows topless sunbathing. Potential issues don’t have to translate into actual ones if you know what to expect and make plans to minimize problems. 

Don’t let concern over safety ruin your chance to relax and unwind. Instead, use strategies like planning for emergencies, being proactive about allergies and packing extra supplies. This way you know you are doing everything you can to ensure your family has a safe and enjoyable vacation experience. 

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