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6 most pet-friendly airports in the United States

Traveling with a pet is rewarding but nerve-wracking. Travelers with larger pets like dogs have to deal with the fact their best friend will stay in the cargo holding area during the entire trip. Even if the airline allows you to stay with your pet in the cabin, you will still worry about how people sitting next to you will react to the pet and where it will relive itself. With all these things to worry about, the last thing you want is using an airport that is not pet friendly. Over the last decade, many airports have upped their game and have set up incredible areas that are more accommodative to pets, especially service animals.  We have researched on your behalf and compiled a list of 5 most pet-friendly airports in the United States.

1. John F Kennedy Airport, New York

JFK is arguably the most pet-friendly airport in the United States. The airport has set up multiple pet-friendly areas when pet owners can relax with their pets while waiting for their flight. For instance, terminal 5 has over 4000 square feet of open garden, where passengers can relax with their pets while waiting for their flights. Multiple terminals also have post-security pet relief areas that guarantee the security of your pet. Additionally, the airport provides 24/7 access to veterinary services that caters to all sort of pets. There are also plenty of potty areas where your pet can comfortably relieve itself.

2. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Texas

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has a “Dog Walk” that is landscaped and lighted and includes a pet drinking fountain, dog waste pick-up bag, and trash bins. While this is located pre-security, there is also a pet relief area in the outdoor patio post-security as well!

In addition, AUS teams up with a local wellness company to offer a quarterly event where you can pet therapy dogs at the airport. Hopefully, you’re lucky enough that your trip can coincide with this!

The City of Austin’s Austin‐Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) is also dedicated to supporting a variety of therapeutic and training programs for individuals with various needs, including those with social, emotional, and physical challenges. As a result, service animal handlers and special care providers are given the opportunity to expose individuals and service animals to a busy airport environment for the purpose of enhancing a positive life experience. Because the FHA and ACAA are federal laws, the ESA rules in Texas are the same as other states.

3. Philadelphia international airport, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia international airport is another airport that has made it incredibly easy for people to travel with their pets or service animals. The airport has created pet relief areas located at each terminal where pet owners can relax while awaiting their flight. This means that regardless of the terminal you use, you will find a pet-friendly area.

4. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international airport, Georgia

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international airport has created indoor post-security relief areas to accommodate pet and service animals in all terminals. Despite being one of the business airports in the United States, airport management has gone far and beyond to make it pet friendly. For instance, the airport has a 1000 square foot dog park near the domestic terminal where dogs can run free and get some fresh air. The pet relief areas that the airport has created is friendly both to pets and their owners. In fact, most people call them parks because of the incredible state of the art facilities that they have, including many charming dog sculptures, biodegradable poop pick up bags and benches where dog owners can relax. Additionally, the park is fenced, meaning that you can let your dog around freely without a leash.

5. Denver international airport, Colorado

Denver international airport is the busiest airport in the western United States and is also one of the few pet-friendly airports in the region. The airport features a modern in terminal pet facility known as paradise4Paws, where pet owners can relax with their pets while waiting for their flights. The airport also has indoor playing areas and provides 24-hour grooming services.

6. Los Angeles International Airport, California

Los Angeles International Airport has eight indoor pet relief areas, all located beyond the security checkpoints. Each terminal has an animal relief station meaning that you can use any terminal without worrying that it may not have a relief area for your pet. Additionally, the airport has created three outdoor pet relief stations where pets can run freely and enjoy the fresh air.

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