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5 tips that will help you to get a lot of stream live viewers

Are you a creator struggling with the low engagement rate on your live-streams? It could be devastating to put all your effort into planning and implementing your streaming sessions yet, still struggle with the number of viewers. Don’t worry, we are here for you to help. In this blog-post, you will find useful tips that will help you to stand out with your streaming sessions and to get more viewers. 

Arrange your stream beforehand 

The preparation phase of your streaming session is extremely important. Spread a word on the topic of the live stream, post about it on the other platforms you use. Creating live countdowns, along with visually appealing posters will increase the level of interest in your audience. It will also help you if you send emails as a reminder before your live stream. Try to be consistent with your streaming sessions – create a schedule and stick to it. It’s better if you go live on the same day of the week so that people wait for your streaming. All these will create a sense of expectation among people. Besides, planning, creating the agenda, and being organized, highlights your work attic and professionalism.

Focus on Quality 

In this virtual world, dominated by scripted content the power of the live stream is often underrated. Creators frequently ignore the quality of their streaming sessions mainly because of the lower engagement rate. In fact, streaming is the best way to connect to your audience since they see you in real-time and they have an opportunity for direct communication with you. Therefore, the quality of your streaming session is extremely important. Make sure you are using the best equipment, your source of the internet is uninterrupted and your audio works well. High-quality streaming is surely the best way to ensure that people will continue to watch the content you create.

Use all the platforms in your hand

Simulcasting will help you to get maximum out of your live streaming.  Going live on different platforms simultaneously helps you reach your audience on every channel they use and it does not limit you in the frames of one channel. This way you are not losing your opportunity to reach the maximum number of viewers. Increase your engagement using every social marketing tool in your hands. Social Media Marketing agency SubscriberZ is one of the best tools for increasing organic visibility. In addition to that, promote your streaming sessions on your blog posts, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook stories, and posts; Create hashtags for your content and use it whenever you post about your live stream. 

Engage with your viewers

What’s the point of a live stream without engagement with your viewers? Communication is possibly the most significant aspect of expanding viewership on live streams. Interaction and two-sided discussion help you to create a more lifelike experience for your audience. Once they feel connected to you on a personal level, viewers are more likely to accompany you on your next streaming session. Forms of Engagement can be as simple as live chat, using the comment section; Asking questions to stimulate the discussion with your viewers and letting them interact with each other as well; Finish your live session with Q&A. All this will help you to stay connected with your community. 

Highlight and tease some parts of your stream

Do you think that your work is done once you finish your streaming session? If your answer is yes, – you are wrong. Clip some funny, interactive parts of your live stream and post it under your existing hashtag once your streaming session is over. It will help you to create hype around your live sessions; Viewers will feel included and all these will help you to strengthen a sense of community within your audience. Creating short highlight clips will be useful for future promotions as well. 


These five tips mentioned above will help you get a lot of live stream viewers. Just put extra effort into planning, make it look as professional as you can, ensure the quality of your stream, don’t forget the importance of engagement and eventually, results will amaze you. 

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