5 Tips for Solo Travel Deals on Safaris

5 Tips for Solo Travel Deals on Safaris: Having been on two African safaris, one in the Okavango Delta and the other in South Africa, safaris are at the top of my list after visiting 68 countries.

5 Tips for Solo Travel Deals on Safaris;

Before booking your trip consider how much time you have available. The flights to Africa can take most of a day even from Europe. If you are flying to game reserves in Botswana or Namibia, you will likely have a connecting rather than direct flight. Some smaller routes may be once a day or every other day.

5 Tips for Solo Travel Deals on Safaris:

2. Consider your budget carefully since although there is a wide range of prices at the high end it can run $1,000/day. One factor that increases costs is traveling during major holidays. Not only airfare and lodges but entrance fees at game reserves increase.

5 Tips for Solo Travel Deals on Safaris:

3. Look at your overall holiday plan to see if your aim is to have a mix of safari and a local tour. This is especially true in South Africa where I have combined successfully a long weekend at Kruger with time in major destinations such as Cape Town and the nearby wine country.

5 Tips for Solo Travel Deals on Safaris:

4. Give some thought as to the level and style of services that are important to you. I spent about a week on an elephant back safari in Botswana with lodging in deluxe 5 star tents with floors, electricity and “real” beds and furniture. In contrast at Kruger, I stayed in a low-rise lodge in the bush. Even though the latter had more traditional comfort, the 5 star tents in the bush seemed to have a more magical feel of being in the bush.

5 Tips for Solo Travel Deals on Safaris:

5. Think about if your greater interest is seeing animals in their natural habitat or in a more controlled or confined game park. The latter can be less true to life but it is more predictable that the “Big Five” will make their appearance while you are there.


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