5 Solo Travel Tips for a Great New Orleans Halloween

5 Solo Travel Tips for a Great New Orleans Halloween: What better place to celebrate one of America’s favorite holidays from the “Mortuary Haunted House” on Canal Street to the Endless Night Vampire Ball?  New Orleans is thought to be America’s most haunted city. From the early days of Jean Lafitte and swashbuckling pirates to the 19th century grande dame, the Hotel Monteleone, there have been tales of spirits at large in the city.

Second only to the Mardi Gras, Halloween in New Orleans is a big party that goes well beyond just Oct.31.  The good news is that there are multiple options. The bad news? You may miss a few of them like the parade, the “Krewe of Boo”, if you don’t check the schedule ahead of time.  (Dog lovers can look forward to the K-9 “Krewe of Barkus” at Mardi Gras.) (Do check out the local weather advisory since severe storms are forecast.)

Here are 5 very different Halloween trick or treats:

5 Solo Travel Tips for a Great New Orleans Halloween: Go on cemetery tours:

Tip One:

Having had visits to family in New Orleans starting in my childhood, the fabled St. Louis Cemetery dating to 1789 immediately evoked images for me of ghosts and hobgoblins hiding under my bed at night. The ornate, above-ground tombs were not just because of the high water-table but apparently as it was considered stylish following the Spanish tradition of the day.  Beyond its Halloween tours, history buffs and linguists will be intrigued by the centuries old French script adorning early tombs.

In the past, no tickets or reservations were needed. They are required currently. Book tickets here.

5 Solo Travel Tips for a Great New Orleans Halloween: Try a cruise through the bayou:

Tip Two:

With cypresses festooned with Spanish moss and stories of  10-foot long alligators,  the bayous have been a perfect setting for films from John Grisham’s Pelican Brief to mystery stories like Nancy Drew’s Haunted Showboat. What better way to spend Halloween than gliding through the swamp lands? Ticket purchases online.

5 Solo Travel Tips for a Great New Orleans Halloween: Join in the nightlife in the French Quarter:

Tip Three:

In this other “City That Never Sleeps”, multiple pubs and restaurants make for late night celebrations. However, if you prefer planning ahead,  follow the link for multiple options.

5 Solo Travel Tips for a Great New Orleans Halloween: Have an elegant dinner:

Tip Four:

If your tastes run to a more subdued celebration, Commander’s Palace in the Garden District has top chefs and great service.  Founded in 1890, it is one of New Orleans’ best-known restaurants. Two of its most famous chefs were Paul Prudhomme and Emeril Lagasse.  Unfortunately, on my first visit I was a little young to appreciate haute cuisine. I only remember in the center of the room there was an enormous Toucan perched in a Victorian style cage! Reservations are best made by telephone between 9 AM-9 PM Central Time by calling 504-899-8221.

5 Solo Travel Tips for a Great New Orleans Halloween: Check out haunted history tours:

Tip Five:

Options are abundant from the French Quarter to the Garden District for ghost tours.  If you have a preference, be aware though that some tour providers specify their focus is simply history while others are looking at haunted sites and legends.

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