10 Solo Travel Savings Tips-Skip1-For-the-Price-of-2!

10 Solo Travel Savings Tips: Is this a case of paying for two when you go solo? Check out our 10 tips to save more.

With most travel priced for couples or groups, the dreaded single supplement sticks out as the worse feature of travel for singles.  I really learned this the hard way: When I joined a group for a top cruise abroad, I discovered pairs that booked early got 2 for the price of 1. When I did the math, I realized I had paid 3 times what they did or one for the price of two!

A few tips that helped me save:  Please send us yours!

10 Solo Travel Savings Tips: When to Go.

Tip 1. Travel off-season when possible.

Finding Lodging to Save:

Tip 2. Look for both newly opened or recently renovated hotels and leading hotels with special anniversary rates.

Tip 3. Consider apartment/house swap or rentals via the web.

Tip 4. Check out the rates for an extended stay at an airport hotel if it is on a major local transportation route.

Tip  5. Weekday hotel rates in resorts are typically lower than on weekends.

10 Solo Travel Savings Tips: Know What Extras are Charged:

Tip 6.  Never pay for what you will not use.

Tip 7.  Consider the costs of staying connected abroad.

Tip 8.  Watch the hidden charges for taxes.

Make your own Picnic to Save:

Tip 9.  Check out the local mini-mart or grocery.

The Road Less Traveled By:

Tip 10.Travel off the beaten path for more adventures and better savings.

For more information and options, check out our free, user-friendly search tool, the SoloTravelPricingTracker.net.

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