What To Do With Three Days In Belgium

Being a small country, Belgium is quick and easy to get around, by train or car. Especially between Brussels, Ghent and Bruges.

Save yourself some trouble and pick one area to stay in. Think of the other cities as day trips. It’s just not worth the hassle of packing up each day. This was extremely true for us, as we were camping.

Sitting right in the middle of Brussels and Bruges, Ghent was an obvious base for us as we planned one day in each city.

However, Brussels is also a good option as it has the most to do. If you have more than three days in Belgium, then staying in Brussels is likely your best bet.

You may also consider doing only a half-day in Ghent. Spending the remainder of the day in Brussels.

Here are the hotels we considered in Ghent and Brussels, before deciding on bringing our camping gear on this trip.

Ghent Accommodation:

  • Novotel Gent Centrum  offers a nice modern hotel right in the city center.
  • However, if you’re after something with a bit more character, take a look at 1898 The Post. This boutique hotel and former post office, offers an amazing central location with stunning views, in a gorgeous building.
  • Camping: If you’re planning to do camping like us, we stayed at the Camping Groenpark which had a convenient location and nice facilities.

Brussels Accommodation:

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