Walk Behind A Waterfall At Dry Falls, NC

Maybe it’s their power, or their soothing sound, or maybe it’s just their beauty. Whatever it is, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love a good waterfall.  Dry Falls offers visitors a one of a kind experience where you can actually walk behind this beauty. What’s better than a waterfall you can walk behind?

We’ve been fortunate to walk behind a few waterfalls throughout our travels, typically you get soaked. However, Dry Falls doesn’t have it’s name for nothing.

With a pretty large walkway behind it, visitors can stay relatively dry behind the 75-foot Dry Falls. Though, we were there the day after a heavy rain so the waterfall was fuller than usual, with a bit of a spray. We did get a light misting, but it was such a hot day, we definitely didn’t mind.

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