Protect Your Camera From Harsh Weather: Rain, Snow, Cold, Humidity

However, growing up in Florida, I know extreme humidity can have a few additional issues (besides horrible hair days).

Sometimes, especially after a bit of rain, steam will fill the air. This is the worst! No matter what you do, you feel wet. It’s the same as being in fog, except it’s hot. You and your lens will get wet.

Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot you can do, except leave your camera in your bag until you need it. Keep a dry cloth in your bag and wipe down your lens as often as possible.

Once you’re back in a climate controlled environment, like an air conditioned room, take your camera out of the bag so the drier air can dry out your camera.

If you know you’re going to be in steamy conditions, wet fog, or misty rain, consider buying a few silica packs to keep in your bag. These will help dry out your gear.

In a pinch, I sometimes use rice the same way. Put the rice in a very well sealed baggy with tiny pin holes. The rice will absorb the water in the air. 

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