Mt. Mitchell State Park Must Be On Your Bucket List

It’s possible you’ve never heard of Mt. Mitchell. It’s also likely you’re wondering why some random mountain in North Carolina “must be on your bucket list”. Well, if you actually have a “bucket list” or any other “must see” list, you’re probably like me and love lists. How could you not? They’re wonderful, but I digress. 

It may also be a fair assumption to say you likely love doing things that earn the title of “the tallest,” “the oldest,” and “fill in the adjective.”

Yeah me too! I’ve eaten Australia’s biggest burger, ridden the world’s fastest roller coaster, and have even seen the world’s tallest flagpole. Though, these checkbox items are no longer the biggest, fastest, nor the tallest. Who knew flagpole height was so competitive, am I right?

However, Mt. Mitchell offers you phenomenal views from the top of the highest mountain east of the Mississippi. That’s not changing any time soon. Mt. Mitchell will always have that title and you will always have that box checked. Oh, and huge bonus, it sits along arguably the best section of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s all win!

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