Indoor Skydiving At North America’s Largest Indoor Wind Tunnel

Empty those pockets; nothing goes in the wind tunnel. No jewelry, no wallets, no phones, no cameras, nothing at all. Small lockers were available, but since we couldn’t bring in keys, they didn’t actually lock.

We envisioned taking photos and video of each other as we waited our turns, but this was a no go. If you want your own photos, bring a spectator, or fly at different time slots.

Most facilities offer video packages, you can see ours below. The video was taken from the control booth on the other side of the scratched glass and the quality is disappointing. We can’t speak for the quality of the iFly locations, who also offers photography packages.  

Jumpsuits go straight over your cloths so don’t wear anything too bulky or restrictive. Loose jeans, shorts, t-shirts all work just fine. Shoes with laces are a must.

As the tunnel is super loud, hence the hand signals, we were given ear plugs. Finally, we we grabbed goggles and a helmet. Yup, we looked like complete dorks.

Quick tip for those with long hair. Tuck it into your helmet if you can. If not, fix it into a very tight braid at the base of your skull. Make sure the bottom hair tie will not come out. I had mine in a low pony tail and it got so knotted I had to use a conditioning mask, along with a lot of patience, to get it all out.

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