How To Correctly Use Lightroom Presets For Your Travel Photography

Remember when I said, I typically don’t do my edits until after I add the preset, because it will override the settings? Well, there’s a bit more to it.

When creating a preset, the creator can choose which adjustments are included. For example, our presets override all settings except Exposure and Transform (cropping and scaling). Technically, this means you can adjust exposure first because our presets won’t change it, but our presets will override any other changes made to the photo.

Sometimes you’ll want to use adjustments from multiple presets, but using them in order is important.

Generally, great preset layering candidates only affect one or few adjustments, such as the tone curve, vignetting, or sharpness.

For example, using a vignetting preset prior to using our presets would eliminate your adjustment, but adding it after, gives a lovely effect. One of my favorite Galapagos residents demonstrates layering using our Good For Everything preset, followed by a Heavy Vignetting preset.

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