Elk River Falls & Jones Falls: Waterfall Hiking Guide

About four summers ago, while exploring near Banner Elk and Roan Mountain State Park, we stumbled across the gorgeous and easy to reach Elk River Falls. Also called Big Falls. As we were in the area again this autumn, we felt this 65 foot waterfall deserved another visit.

We were even very lucky to run into some Appalachian Trail hikers who showed us the way to Jones Falls. A nearby waterfall that’s not even listed on the map. Though a relatively easy hike, the trail isn’t well marked. No way we would have found it without their help.

As Elk River Falls is in North Carolina, and Jones Falls in Tennessee, you have the perk of Two Waterfalls, Two States, for One Hiking Trail! Plus, it includes a short piece of the famous Appalachian Trail, what more can you ask for. 

This hiking guide is to help you make the most of your time at Elk River Falls. Plus, help you find your way to the more elusive Jones Falls.

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