Cropped vs. Full Frame Camera Sensor: Which Is Better?

I know it all sounds very rosy, a less expensive body, cheaper and smaller lenses, but still great images. There’s always a catch.

When recommending a DSLR or mirrorless camera for beginners, most posts I’ve seen automatically suggest starting with an amateur model. I think there’s more to it, but here’s my short version.

Lenses are more of an investment than camera bodies. Not only do they typically cost more, but you’ll keep them longer.

If you are like everyone else who gets the photography bug, you’ll want to upgrade your camera body every 2-4 years to get the latest technology. However, if you stick with the same camera brand, your lenses stay with you.

Unless… you want to upgrade to a full-frame sensor from a cropped sensor. Which most folks who get serious about photography eventually want to do.

Now this becomes very expensive, as you have to upgrade your camera body and your lenses. This happened to me! 

If I knew what I know today, I would have started on the least expensive full frame DSLR I could find. Even if that meant buying a used camera.

Luckily, with the emergence of “advanced beginner” models it’s not that hard to find a good, but less expensive full frame camera. Many of these utilize full-frame sensors, without the complexity of the higher end models.

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