Crabtree Falls: Easy Day Trip from Asheville, NC

From the parking lot, head towards the campground via the trail from the back of the parking lot. This will take you past the really run down amphitheater.  The trail branches when it gets to the campground.

The shorter trail ( .9 mile) Route A, is to the right, which is the one we recommend taking on the way down. It’s steep, but easily doable. However, hiking sticks would really come in handy on this hike.

The longer trail (1.6 miles) Route B, is more gradual, but also has a steep section of switchbacks as you get close to Crabtree Falls. Though this route is longer, if you have challenges with rocky and wet terrain, you may want to consider using this trail.

The Loop Trail (2.5 miles) uses Route A to go down, then returns to the parking area via Route B. This is the trail we recommend taking. It’s a quick reward down to the waterfall, with a more gradual return. Plus, Route B is far quieter, with really gorgeous scenery.  From the parking lot, it’s just over 3 miles for the loop and takes roughly 2 – 2.5 hours.

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