All Smoke & Water Mirrors In Bordeaux

It was our final week of a 2+ month road trip through Europe. Bordeaux wasn’t exactly a planned destination, but rather a convenient stop on the way to Le Mont-Saint-Michel. Other than gorgeous vineyards and fabulous wine (and it was fabulous), we didn’t know what to expect from the city.

Stumbling across Bordeaux’s Miroir d’eau (Water Mirror) felt magical. From playing in the misty fog, to photographing the mystifying reflections, there was something childlike and fascinating about this simple reflecting pool.

Not only did we enjoy playing in Bordeaux’s water mirror, it was a great spot to practice a bit of photography.

In this post we’ll answer your questions about visiting Bordeaux’s famous water mirror and provide tips on getting the best photos. My absolute favorite photo from our visit is the last in this post.

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