7 Reasons The Congaree National Park is Worth Visiting

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you the Congaree is worth visiting. Though, I need to address the elephant in the room, or rather, the mosquito in the forest.

Mosquitos are prevalent here, as noted by the Skeeter Meter in the visitor center. My advice is to time your visit for a cooler season. Spring is amazing at the park or go in fall when things cool down a bit.

If you do go in mosquito season, wear the proper clothing. Though it’s hot, cute sundresses and open-toed shoes have no place here. Lightweight long sleeve shirts and pants work best, but you’re also going to need bug spray.

I also love the ExOfficio BugAway clothing line on Amazon. I have two of their mesh hoodies. They work so well I only use the bug spray on my ankles.

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