Where to Find Beautiful Street Art in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria after the capital Sofia, but it feels completely different. It’s a small city but very diverse and modern, which is surprising when you think Plovdiv is the oldest city in Europe. The street art scene in Plovdiv contributes to a vibrant and trendy feeling.

Part of the modern feel comes from the urban art in the Kapana neighborhood and a few other central areas in Plovdiv. So, if you’re a fan of Street Art, these are some of the works you shouldn’t miss while in Plovdiv.

Where do you find street art in Plovdiv?

The answer is (almost) everywhere! There are a few places around the city center where you’ll find quite a few beautiful graffiti works.

Street Art in the Heart of Kapana

Right in the heart of Kapana, the trendy crafts and restaurants neighborhood in Plovdiv, you’ll find a square with three of the most iconic street artworks in Plovdiv. Artists like Stern, Rocket01, or Pyrotechnix Crew worked on the tall walls here and created some vibrant artwork.

The square has become a popular spot for locals to hang out with a craft beer from a shop nearby.

In Kapana Neighborhood

Kapana means ”the trap”, but today it’s one of the most trendy attractions in Plovdiv. The neighborhood hosts artsy shops as well as great restaurants and bars. It’s a young people’s area, but some of the restaurants here are among the best in Plovdiv.

In Kapana, many shops’ windows shutters, facades, and buildings are very creatively decorated. Moreover, they even painted garbage containers or electrical boxes in some places.

On one of the streets leading to Kapana, another artist, Nasimo, created the biggest mural composition in Bulgaria. He started work in 2015. The name of the huge mural is ‘peace’.

Up: part of the Peace composition by Nasimo. Down: street art in the restaurants’ area in Kapana, Plovdiv

Behind the Drama Theater

For the Street Art Fest in 2013, a team of nine Bulgarian street artists worked to bring a new life to the back of the Plovdiv Drama Theater. You won’t probably stumble across this beautiful street, so you need to look for it. Climb the stairs by Milo’s statue on the pedestrian street, then make a left and follow the murals. It’s not a big area, but it’s well worth the climb.

If you’re passionate about street art, you will find much more in Plovdiv. These are just a few of the most well-known works, conveniently located close to the city center. However, there are school walls, passageways, and residential buildings decorated with graffiti throughout the city. Street Art is yet another reason to visit Plovdiv.

Find out some more reasons to visit in my things to do in Plovdiv post. If you want to explore the city and discover some of the best of Plovdiv, try this walking tour.

Unusual mosaic work on the streets behind the Roman Theater in Plovdiv

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