LagOmar Lanzarote – Omar Sharif’s Beautiful House in a Quarry

Tired of seeing the amazing architecture of Lanzarote? I didn’t think so! After visiting Fundacion Cesar Manrique and Los Jameos del Agua, my next stop is another incredible place in Lanzarote, LagOmar museum.

The History of LagOmar Museum

LagOmar is a unique house built in a volcanic quarry. Sounds interesting? Wait until you see it.

Lagomar Museum in Lanzarote

A British developer, Sam Benady, wanted to build a house that would inspire others to buy homes in the area. The quarry house was designed by Jesús Soto. Soto was an artist that worked closely with Cesar Manrique on several projects in Lanzarote. He designed it to evoke the atmosphere of the Arabian Nights tales. He also respected the environment and included as much of it as possible in the architecture.

In 1972, Omar Sharif was filming “The Mysterious Isle” in Lanzarote. He visited the unfinished house and loved it so much that he bought it on the spot. However, it didn’t last long as he soon lost the house to the same Sam Benady at cards. Though an experienced bridge player himself, it seems that Omar Sharif didn’t know the British developer was the European Bridge Champion at the time.

The house was developed by the two architects that bought it next in 1989. They used natural materials like wood beams from the local shipwrecks and also developed an oasis inside the rock structure. They brought local flora like palm trees, aloe vera plants, bougainvillea flowers, and cactus plants to sweeten the rock.

Local flora is everywhere at LagOmar

In 1997 the private property was ready to open as LagOmar Museum of Lanzarote.

A Visit to LagOmar Lanzarote

LagOmar is a bit of a labyrinth between the caves of the old quarry. The house incorporated the red volcanic walls and completed them with white plaster and green plants. The effect is similar to that of Cesar Manrique’s works in Lanzarote with as little as possible human intervention in nature’s design. Another feature of the house is the lack of straight lines and square designs.

You will enter LagOmar directly to the pool area on the lower level of the house. From the poolside, you will have a good view of the way the living spaces are integrated into the quarry. Make your way through the white round tunnel and start exploring the house and the gardens.

It’s a maze of caves connected with pathways and staircases, which are great to explore bit by bit. Up the stairs, you will get to a proper apartment with a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. I wouldn’t mind having that view from my living room.

There is also o bridge table and a large photo of Omar Sharif playing cards. You can see photos and information about Omar Sharif and his work as well as pictures taken in different stages of building LagOmar.

My guess is that Omar Sharif didn’t get the chance to actually live there, but a good story like that goes a long way, doesn’t it?

Take your time to discover the different elements inside and outside, the way the greenery compliments the volcanic rock, and the traditional elements of Lanzarote like the bread oven outside.

Most of all, admire the views from the upper levels and terraces. You can see the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote and the scattered white villages of the island.

How to get to LagOmar in Lanzarote

LagOmar Museum in Lanzarote is easy to reach by car wherever you are staying in Lanzarote. It’s a 15 minutes drive from Costa Teguise or a 40 minutes drive from Playa Blanca, for instance. You need to get to Nazaret village, close to Teguise. There is a free parking area just outside LagOmar Museum.

However, if you prefer not to drive, you can join this organized tour. You will visit LagOmar Museum together with other attractions of Lanzarote like Los Jameos del Agua or Fundacion Cesar Manrique.

Useful info

LagOmar Museum in Lanzarote is open every day from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and an adult ticket costs 6€.

There is a restaurant and a bar on-site, so you can plan to have lunch here and enjoy the view. However, the best times to visit are early in the morning or later in the afternoon when it’s not busy.

Wear comfortable shoes, as there are enough stairs in the quarry and you don’t want to lose your flip flops there.

Where to stay in Lanzarote

If you fall in love with LagOmar, they have cozy apartments to rent out. However, if you want to be close to the sea, a great option is Casa Mia in Puerto Calero.


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