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How to Keep Jewelry Safe While You’re Traveling | Pommie Travels

12 Apr How to Keep Jewelry Safe While You’re Traveling Posted at 18:17h in Blog by Victoria Sadly, high-quality jewelry is among the items that are most eye-catchy for thieves and other ill-intended people who handle your luggage while traveling.  And, while it’s easy to say ‘just don’t take any expensive items on your trip,“ […]

Contracting & Construction Enterprises wins latest Red Sea Development contract | News

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) has awarded the contract to design and build infrastructure at its Coastal Village to Saudi firm Contracting & Construction Enterprises (CCE). The village will be home to around 14,000 people who will eventually work at the destination. CCE, an engineering procurement and construction firm based in Riyadh, is responsible […]

Oslo County Court approves Norwegian financial restructuring

The Oslo County Court has approved a reconstruction plan for low-cost carrier Norwegian in Norway. Reaching this milestone means that both the reconstruction processes in Ireland and Norway have now been approved by the courts. The company will now prepare the process of raising new capital. The court reached a positive conclusion after the creditors […]

The Qatar eco-hotel concept that generates its own electricity

(CNN) — Floating hotels have been popping up all over the world in recent years, with destinations like Dubai and Qatar leading the way with increasingly innovative and outlandish structures. Not only does the luxury hotel design, which has 152 rooms, actually generate its own electricity, it also collects and reuses rainwater and food waste. […]

Last Summer, Luca Guadagnino Found Solace With Friends

From left: LUCA GUADAGNINO, filmmaker, 49; ALESSIO BOLZONI, photographer, 41; GIUPPY D’AURA, writer and fashion history lecturer, 36; FERNANDA PÉREZ, makeup artist, 51; and FRIDA RUGGIERI, student, 13. Photographed at the Quintocanto Hotel & Spa in Palermo, Italy, on Aug. 28, 2020. Friends Who Summer Together In an unusual season, a director and some of […]

Hotel Week London set to debut next month | News

A number of leading London properties will launch a new initiative aimed at promoting and supporting the re-opening of the finest hotels in the capital post lockdown. It is hoped the sector can significantly re-emerge from May 17th onwards. Hotel Week London will take place from May 28th until June 6th, bringing together a diverse […]

Solo Traveler Tips Wildlife Adventure Tour Safety

5 solo traveler tips wildlife adventure tour safety: As travel resumes, many tourists will visit national parks and view wildlife in their natural habitat at home and abroad. Unfortunately, interactions with animals can present dangers for animals as well as tourists. In the past week, reports disclosed more on this issue. Concerned tourists mistakenly thought […]